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Lowest Prices on 5 Plus Size Shirt Women’s on Amazon

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Plus Size Shirt Women's Fashion

Who doesn't want to dress in the latest fashions and wear the hottest trends? It's even better when you can do so on a budget! That's how I felt when I saw my new favorite shirt at a great price. A deal like that is what I like to call a “Shirt-Win”. And this site has plenty of those. So, check them out and let us know if you agree. 

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Lowest Prices on 5 Plus Size Shirt Women’s on Amazon
Lowest Prices on 5 Plus Size Shirt Women’s on Amazon
$10.00 $12.00
Randi Owsley

Randi Owsley

Randi is your deal loving shopping BFF. She is also a licensed psychotherapist, shopaholic, podcast host and the ultimate deal hunter. Randi is all about helping you spend less and helping you find more of what you love while saving on the way!

  1. I can’t say enough about Foxcroft blouses. 100% cotton, no-iron fabric that manages to also be soft. The shaped fit is fantastic for hourglass figures. The v-neck style is the most flattering on a bigger body. Pair these with a cotton cardigan with the sleeves poking out of the sweater cuff and you’ve got business casual sorted. It’s so difficult to find professional clothes over a size 14 that are well made and of decent fabric. Trust me when I say these are worth every penny. Even better when you buy them on clearance direct from Foxcroft. I hope this company stays true to its quality and selection.

  2. I’ve had it for over a year now, and thought it was time to write a review. I love it. It’s probably my favorite blouse. It’s perfect for work, and I generally grab it to wear again just as soon as it comes out of the laundry. It really doesn’t wrinkle, and if you do manage to wrinkle it, it smooths out again really easily. The plum is a really pretty blue-purple color. Even for work, I usually wear it untucked, then dress it up with a bold necklace. I got it on sale for about half the price it currently shows, but I’ll probably get another one, even at full price, just because I like and wear it so much.

  3. The red is stunning. First of all the red of the shirt is stunning. It was the perfect Christmas shirt to wear but will still be casual enough to wear all year around. The material is fine, I don’t mind the way polyester feels. I weigh just under 200 and I bought the 2x as I like shirts a little baggy on me and it fits perfect. The top can really pull an outfit together and make it look more dressy than it really is. The shirt is a little short for my preferred taste, it rests about the middle of my butt so I wish it had just a couple more inches of fabric but it’s no big deal. I will say you need to wear the right bra with this shirt to do the keyhole cutout justice or it just looks totally weird.

  4. UPDATE: Apparently all of the designs are not sized the same way. I loved the way the first 2 t-shirts I ordered fit me, so I decided to order a different design — what a difference in the sizing with the new order!. The third shirt I ordered was cut much smaller in the sleeve and back than the other 2. I was so disappointed because I loved the fit of the other shirts and really liked the design of the new one (Gold Leopard). I’m leaving my rating as is because the first 2 fit so well. I have one more on the way – I’ll let you know how that one fits!—————————————————————–I love the way this lightweight t-shirt fits! And, there are very pretty designs to choose from on top of it, I have tried other brands for larger women and find this one to be the best fit for me. As a matter of fact, I think I might order another one in a different design!

  5. This shirt fits OK although the shape is not as flattering as other Foxcroft shirts. Two other negatives are that you can see through the fabric. The only way I can wear this shirt to work is to wear a long scarf in front. The other negative is that there are two darts in front that show through because the fabric is thin. It makes the shirt look less professional. This shirt is not the quality I expect from Foxcroft.

  6. I was very skeptical due to some of the reviews and my size. I am about 5’61/2 and around 225 lbs . I usually wear an 3x . I purchased a 4x and love it. I don’t like heavy material because of my weight I get hot really easy. It’s cute to wear with capris for an outdoor event and cheap enough to buy for grocery shopping or pj’s. Have not washed it yet so I will keep my fingers crossed for thatUPDATE…. ok so I have washed it a couple times and it has kept it shape and size. Very pleased. Gonna order more in different colors 🙂

  7. A very nice little tshirt. The silver coloring is beautiful & the pink color is exactly the same as it is in the Amazon picture. My pictures show a tshirt that is pink/peach colored. THAT IS ONLY BECAUSE OF MY LIGHTING. Is decent quality for the price. Is a tad thin. NOTE: *It’s true to size *sleeves run short, which make for a more flattering look. The size I ordered is way too big for me. I assumed it ran small in size & would shrink a lot. I have not washed it because even if I shrank it, it would still be too big as it runs true to size. Will most likely exchange for a smaller size. Exchanged for a size 20 & the smaller size fits perfect. I would recommend this shirt.

  8. Plus size ppl don’t be afraid to buy love it

  9. Super cute, light weight. I ordered a size up and it fits perfect.

  10. I bought the white one because in the picture it doesn’t look see through.This is cheap quality, really thin, not sure why it has so many good reviews.It’s a good night shirt or you have to wear something underneath. I will be returning. The sizing is also off, the 1x is small compared to other 1x clothing.

  11. I love the fit. The fabric is soft and very comfortable. The length of the shirt is great.

  12. This has to be one of the comfiest and cutest tops I own! I absolutely love this look and may buy it in other colors!

  13. I got this top even though there were no reviews & was praying it would fit. Well it did! My hubby liked it so much he offered to buy me another one so I bought 2 more. I’m 5ft 4″ & 200 ? lb. pandemic weight ugh! I just washed it lightly on gentle short cycle & hung to dry. It’s light weight, soft and hangs well to hide my belly. Sorry no pics. I would recommend.

  14. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHIRT!!!!It’s cute! It’s very comfortable to wear.Received LOTS of compliments!Had to wear it with a light undershirt

  15. Im surprised thought it was going to be one of those 3x from china nope.. exact fit like its suppose to love it. Need more colors. A bit overpriced in my opinion. Its a T-shirt…

  16. UPDATE – 2 months after my original review I’m back to remove a star. After a handful of washings the fabric looks worn out. It has become pilled and the texture is no longer soft or smooth. I still wear this shirt so I guess that’s something, but only around the house which is a shame because it started out so darn cute. Boooooo.Great, lightweight and cute shirt with a smidge of stretch. Sized as expected (I got the 5x and typically wear a 3x or 24/26 in retail sizes). I particularly like the length of the sleeves – a bit longer than a normal short-sleeved shirt, but not past the elbow. I also like the overall length. I’m 5’9″ and the shirt comes just below mid-hip – not crazy long like so many shirts in my size, but long enough to cover some lumps and bumps. The only thing I didn’t love is that white thread was used around the hem, so there is a double-stitched line around the entire bottom of the shirt that is not shown in the pictures. Not enough to make me not love the shirt, but the photos really should be a proper representation of the item. Besides, navy thread would have just plain looked better.

  17. Trust all the good reviews and buy the shirt! This shirt is fantastic!!!! Super soft and comfy, I always recieve compliments when I wear it which have really boosted my confidence. I hate shopping because nothing ever fits right, but this fit perfectly!

  18. I have such a hard time finding shirts that actually are the size they say they are. This one fits perfectly! It covers both front and back which I really appreciate. The fabric is really nice too. It is very comfortable and it’s very flattering for my body type.

  19. Love the top, just not true to size. This top came fast and was exactly as pictured, material great, sewing great… everything perfect except the sizeing. Id say go up at least one or 2 sizes …if you do you wont be disappointed.

  20. Iit fits. Dinner

  21. True to size. This is a nice lightweight shirt. I love it because I don’t feel like I’m bunched up with a lot on. Soft, & please purchase your true size. I purchased a size 4x when I should’ve purchased a size 3x. The 4x is a little to big. Will purchase more.

  22. Not a loose fit, was looking for this kind of fit. The fit was not right.

  23. I normally wear a size 3 X and went with that when placing my order. But it was very big so I returned it with no problems and ordered a size 2 X which fits perfectly. Love the material is doesn’t cling to the body. I wash in a laundry bag in cold water to minimize the possiblitiy of pilling on the material after reading customer reviews. Very nice looking material. Most shirts for big girls have a small and usually ugly number of colors to choose from. This is very cute and I have received several compliments on the shirt. Very comfortable and stylish looking.

  24. Comfortable and keeps the look. I love the shirt. I have large arms and the shirt fits really night without looking sloppy or tight. Only thing and it’s a small thing, I wish the shirt was bluer.

  25. More orange then red. Fits good, kinda sheer and very light weight material.

  26. I like that it’s not boxy. Nice fabric! Love the layaway option. I am 5’7”, 216-17 lbs. I’m usually a 2X but ordered up a size because I don’t like close fitting tees on me unless the material is very thick and tailored. The fit is loose enough in 3X, but it’s too short. I prefer ones that cover my hips and upper thighs. I think 4X would be too baggy. I will probably order smaller next time and use them for undershirts. Sometimes I need a close-fitting shirt for cleavage control, or just an extra layer. Please keep these available by layaway! It really helps me stay stocked with necessities. If I have to pay all at once I can only order one or two things, and I usually pick something trendy or pretty vs. basic tees and the like. Some of mine are looking pretty sad…can’t believe I still had them in my closet until I stocked up on Spring essentials this year! I would like these more in a v-neck or scoop neck. Long sleeves and a tunic length and relaxed fit would be great options, as well! I do appreciate that the neck is not too small/tight.Edit: I lost 15 pounds since ordering and still wear a 2X, normally. Now the 3X t-shirts are the length I prefer. If you’re closer to the high end of the size range, I might try 2 sizes up, for a relaxed fit. If you are on the smaller end or the middle, I’d go 1 size up (for relaxed but not oversized look. I’m very happy with my tees now! Will still order my own size for a relaxed fit, if layaway is still available!

  27. True to size. I purchased this shirt for vacation. I like the lace type area around the neck area. I bought one size up thinking it would be better since some clothes on here is not true to size. This one is true to size. I’d buy my usual size next time.

  28. Super comfy! But sleeves slightly offset. I really like the quality of this fabric. So soft! But very thin. Not hot to wear. It seems to be well-stitched. However the sleeves wrinkle a bit on their seams. Not perfectly aligned.On the other hand, it is so comfortable that I hardly feel like I am wearing anything at all. I don’t think it’s really worth twenty some dollars. But then, we’ve all been spoiled by inexpensive products coming from China—which is this top’s country of origin.The color is what I expected—khaki. Although a bit blah. Nice length to the shirt. I don’t know how it will hold up after washing. But I plan on laundering it by hand. I think it would be too harsh in the washing machine. Line dry definitely if I want the top to last longer.So far, I’m quite pleased with this product which arrived on time and sealed in a plastic-like bag with the t shirt neatly folded.I would recommend this seller and product for quality and service.

  29. Length. I returned it because @5’2 it was way too long. Do they think everyone is 6 ft?????Otherwise would have given it a 5 stars. I loved the color & fabric was super soft.

  30. Thin clingy fabric. Easily returned product for a full refund with no issues from the seller. I specifically ordered from this company as I have several plus size tops from them that I love.I must admit, I was quite disappointed with the AlleGrace Women’s Plus Size Keyhole Top. While the design and style are appealing, the major downfall of this top is the thin clingy fabric used in its construction.Upon receiving the top, I immediately noticed how flimsy the material felt. It was thin and lacked the quality and durability I would expect which was quite frustrating as I had hoped for better.I also found that the thin fabric did not drape well on my body, which affected the fit and overall appearance.In all honesty, the thin clingy fabric used in the AlleGrace Women’s Plus Size Keyhole Top greatly affected my overall satisfaction with the product. I had expected a higher quality garment that would be comfortable, versatile, and flattering. Unfortunately, the thinness of the fabric compromised all these aspects, leaving me quite dissatisfied.While the design and keyhole detail of the top are attractive, I simply cannot overlook the poor choice of fabric, which greatly impacts its wearability and overall value for money. If you are looking for a plus-size option that flows and covers, this is not your top.

  31. Perfect , good sizing. Only thing I would change or will change on these tops (I’m even ordering more ) is where the criss cross / neckline is there’s fabric that isn’t secured that I’m constantly having to tuck back in . Definitely true to size as I guessed mine and ordered a size larger as I usually have a problem with tops being too short or too tight and actually it was too long and too big lol so I’m going a size down and seeing how these fit and might still need to go one more size down. These are loose , thin but still has good coverage on the fabric so you can’t see an outline of a bra like some other tops and definitely not too short in length which I love!

  32. Very soft. Super flattering top and really soft and cozy.

  33. Very comfy and cute. I normally wear a 2x or 3x I got this in a 5x going off the other reviews and the measurements on the picture it fits a little loose I could have been ok with a 4x but I can still wear the 5x it’s just loose. It is very cute and it is comfy.

  34. Great fit. Everyone loves this top on me! It fits well, is stylish, washes and dries well, is durable and makes me look good.

  35. High Quality, Value Price. I was very impressed with the quality of material this basic tee offered. The fabric is soft while being thicker than your average value tee. The length was perfect, not too short and not too long. You can still wear over leggings with modest coverage. Ordering more today for daily wear! My new favorite! Mrs. B.

  36. So pretty and comfortable. The knit makes it so comfortable but keeps it’s shape.

  37. So Comfortable but runs small. This is one of the nicest tees I own. I took the advice of others and ordered a larger size. I am normally a 2x but ordered a 4x. Fits loosely which I like. Hate tight things. Haven’t washed it yet. Material is soft and just the righ thickness. Think I may order more in different colors

  38. Amazon Essential Plus size TShirt. These Shirts are a true Plus size. I am 5’3″, 190lbs. Carry most of my weight below the waist. Ordered the recommended size 3x. They are way too big! Too long, blousey, and baggy in the armpits. But, the Fabric is amazing! Super soft. Just a bit stretchy. Not see thru. I like the modesty of the rounded neck. Very well made! Am returning this size for a 2x to see if the fit is better. It is so hard to find a quality Plus size basic TShirt. Thanks Amazon! Will be buying these from now on.

  39. Soft and Long. Very soft and long. Great fit and great price.

  40. beautiful perfect plus size shirt. I got the green and it nice and vibrant. perfect fit . true to size . not see through but is thin def a summer shirt.

  41. It was loose on my belly. I’m 5’4 245lb. This shirt was loose and comfortable