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Amazon Projector Review & Product Overview, On Sale for $65

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This is the projector system I own! It's been great. I love it because it comes with not only the projector but the screen as well.

Currently it is on price drop to $79.99 from $99.99 and has extra coupon to clip! UP $65.99! – Randi

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TMY Projector 7500 Lumens with 100″ Projector Screen, 1080P Full HD Supported Portable Projector, Mini Movie Projector Compatible with TV Stick Smartphone HDMI USB AV, for Home Cinema & Outdoor Movies

TMY Model V08 Mini Portable Projector 

  • Clear, Dynamic and Vibrant HD Image: TheV08 HD projector with 100″ portable projection screen is specially made to meet our customers needs. It is equipped with a 720P (1280×720) native resolution and 7500 Lumens brightness, which delivers an image quality that is 3 times CLEARER than other mini projectors on the market.
  • Enhanced Contrast Ratio: The V08 video projector is also designed with the latest NTSC color technology which has improved colors to a 5000:1 contrast ratio for displaying intended color contents, which presents our customers with a clear, dynamic and vibrant image quality.
  • Included Projection Screen: It has never been easier to build your own home theater. Enjoy movie night on our 100″ custom, tailor-made, portable projection screen.

100″ Tailor-Made Projection Screen 

  • Easy Installation: The included projection screen can be easily installed using hooks, ropes,brackets, nails, double-sided tape or a mount. (package includes: Double-sided tape mounted hooks).
  • Easily Portable: The included projection screen features a compact single-piece, lightweight, folding design.The screen can be folded compactly and transported anywhere.
  • Wrinkle-Free: The screens polyester material prevents wrinkling, so there are no creases when the screen is compressed or folded. The projection screen is hand-washable.

Easy to Install, Operate & Carry: 

Our featured image flip functionality provides you with the flexibility to use varying installation methods, including tripod or ceiling mounted configurations. The V08 also features manual controls for lens zoom, to provide focus adjustment, and 15° vertical keystone correction for vertical alignment adjustment.

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Amazon Projector Review & Product Overview, On Sale for $65
Amazon Projector Review & Product Overview, On Sale for $65
$65.99 $99.99
Randi Owsley

Randi Owsley

Randi is your deal loving shopping BFF. She is also a licensed psychotherapist, shopaholic, podcast host and the ultimate deal hunter. Randi is all about helping you spend less and helping you find more of what you love while saving on the way!

  1. I bought this Nebula Capsule for a trip to South America to visit family (to show home movies and pictures). It is about the same size as a can of coke, so it is small, but boy does it pack a punch. All of the other projectors I have used were shaped like smartphones, so I was a bit thrown off by the shape of the Nebula. But let me just tell you right now, this can shape is great! I really can’t say there is anything I did not like about this unit when it comes to the major features. It just ticked all the boxes. They got a lot of things right on this unit.Things is really liked.1. Great Speakers!The main thing that was wrong on the other four units I have used was the speakers, which were all but useless. That is not the case with this Nebula. I showed videos to groups to over 30 people in an outdoor setting and no one had any trouble hearing clearly. Since all my previous LED projectors had basically worthless speaker, I was not expecting anything different out of this Nebula, so I bought the OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker to use with it. I did a side by side test with the OontZ Angle 3 and there is no question that built-in speakers on the Nebula are noticeably louder. Sound quality wise, they were very close. The OontZ Angle 3, I would say, had a little deeper base which might a little better for music, but the speakers on the Nebula were clearer and sharper, which is better for voice. Both speakers produced quality sound.2. Amazing Battery LifeThe thing about portable LED projectors, is that they are intended to run on battery. If you have to be hooked to AC power, why go LED in the first place? But the issue I have always had with the smartphone-shaped LED projectors is that they did not have enough battery life to play a full 2-hour movie on max brightness. Most of them top out at about 90 minutes of battery. That is not true on this Nebula. I was able to show two full-length Hollywood movies on it at max brightness and max volume with battery life to spare.3. Good Brightness.I am not going to say that this tiny projector can blow your 2000 Lumin Halogen full-size projector out of the water, but it has enough brightness to get the job done. I used it for three weeks showing movies nightly in South America and not once did I hear a complaint about the brightness from anyone.4. Color AccuracyOne thing I have always had trouble with LED projectors is color accuracy. On my other units, I was always trying to mess with the settings, trying to get the color right. Not on this Nebula. The color and hue on this Nebula was spot on from the factory. I never even looked for the color settings.5. Can be Powered with an External Battery PackFor me, this is just a common sense MUST for a portable projector. Unfortunately, as baffling to me as it may be, there are some LED projectors that CANNOT be powered by an external battery pack (like you would use to charge your phone). Even though I never need this feature due to the over four-hour built-in battery life, it is still something I consider very important to have on a portable projector.Things I feel could be better.1. Only 8 GB Internal MemoryConsidering that memory has gotten extremely cheap these days, I was very surprised to find that the unit only had 8 GB of internal Memory. Considering that the unit does not have a built-in SD card slot for extra memory, this was surprising, to say the least, but not a deal killer by any measure.2. No Built-in Expandable Memory Slot.This was another surprise to me that I did not even think about looking for because I just assumed it would have it because it is just a standard issue thing on electronics nowadays. The Nebula does have a mini-USB port (same as most Android smartphones) and comes with a USB adaptor cord that allows you to expand the memory with a USB Thumb/flash drive. Instead of using this, I chose to use the Transcend TS-RDP9K USB 2.0 OTG Card Reader, that accepts micro-SD cards, which is what I use more of. I was able to play videos from it without any issues through this port with my card reader.3. Same Port for Expandable Memory and Charging.If there is a real con on this device, this is it. It’s not a deal breaker, but I would definitely like to see this issue addressed in newer models. Again this goes back to the small 8 GB onboard memory. Since the projector has no built-in memory card slot and uses the mini-usb charging port for expandable memory, if you run out of battery while showing a movie from a flash drive, you are dead in the water, because there is no way to power the device and play from a flash drive, since they both have to be done on the one min-usb port. So, in the event, you run out of battery and need to power the device externally, you can only play the content that is on the small 8 GB internal drive. Again, this is not a deal breaker but is clearly an engineering oversight. This problem can be easily remedied by adding an extra min-usb or a micro-SD card slot.4. Remote ControlI am not sure if my remote control was defective or not, but it absolutely could not adjust the volume. It worked fine menu navigation, but the volume buttons gave no response. Fortunately, the projector has volume control buttons right on top of it so it was not a huge issue. There is a remote control Android app for smartphones and it does work, but like most of the remote control android apps, it is kind of janky to use.All in all, I think this is the best mini LED projector on the market. I ended up donating my projector to a local church while in South America, but I will be buying another. For most purposes, this an all-in-one movie studio that is the size of a can of coke. Honestly, it is a flat our marvel of science. Throw this in your bag and you have everything you need for showing movies, viewing photos, videos, etc, etc. I recommend buying the very nice Nebula Capsule Official Travel Case to go with it.

  2. I feel like a lot of the negative reviews didn’t do their research before choosing a projector, and didn’t bother to actually read any instructions… I spent hours comparing and contrasting projectors and finally settled on this one because of the built in apps. You *can not* airplay copyrighted content from your phone onto ANY projector (ie. Netflix/Hulu). With other, cheaper projectors, people plug in an EXTRA streaming device in order to utilize these apps. So they had to buy a projector PLUS a fire stick or roku or had to get a cable for their phone… all a lot of hubbub I didn’t want to deal with. This projector has the apps built into it, so they all run from the projector alone.A lot of people said it didn’t work with iPhone and I feel like this is because they were trying to airplay content instead of using the apps on the projector itself. I actually was able to airplay from the iphone MTV app (before I found out that the projector had one to download) and the video quality was delayed a lot. So just use the built in apps. They’re there for a reason.However, using a mobile device is still required in terms of navigating through your apps. The remote control works for the projector’s menu, but some apps like Hulu require you to use your phone as the remote control through the Nebula app. It basically turns your phone into a trackpad and a mouse. Easy to get the hang of. There’s also a keyboard that pops up which makes it easy to search titles or input login info through your phone so you don’t have to select one letter at a time. The app works fine on my iPhone 13 without any lag or connectivity issues.**** Now here’s where you really need to pay attention:**** the app comes with Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime pre-loaded. Out of the box, you won’t find Hulu US, Disney or HBO in the app store. Look on your main menu to see if there’s an Upgrade button. If there is, go through those steps which will update the software and unlock those apps in the app store for you. If there isn’t (or this doesn’t work) send an email to their support asking to unlock the apps and they’ll send you the instructions and a password to do so within 24 hours (seriously, they’re really responsive even on weekends). Apparently they are still testing the projector’s compatibility with these apps which is why it doesn’t come default, but the updating process is simple (10 min) and all apps have run smoothly for me. I probably use Hulu the most out of all.The battery life has been pretty accurate for me– 4 hours of watching straight before I get a notice that I’m low battery and need to charge. I’ve gotten down to 2%, then plugged it in and kept watching and that worked as well, so it charges faster than it burns battery which is nice.I also LOVE that there’s an option to warp the projection image, which means if you have this projecting at an angle, you can adjust the picture so that it looks like it’s being projected straight on and it’s not stretched. We have it resting on our bed’s headboard but the picture looks like it’s being projected straight across the room.As it runs, there’s a pretty subtle fan sound but that usually gets drowned out by the video’s audio. It can get pretty loud (though we only watch it inside, not sure how it sounds outside).So overall, I think this is the BEST choice in projector if you don’t want to deal with extra plugs, streaming devices, and you’re willing to deal with the short update process even if that means emailing them. I’ve seriously enjoyed using it as a bedroom TV, as we had no place to put a physical TV but we had a big blank wall that works perfectly as a “screen” for this.

  3. Plan to use this to project maps and images “down” onto a surface, for gaming. Ran into issues from the onset though, due, no doubt, to it being as inexpensive as it is. The most serious one, and its only partly solved, was the USB drive support. I ended up sending one back, getting a second, and still not having it seem to work at all.Here is the thing though.. I was just tossing in a thumb drive I had lying around, which including some exe files, and some zip archives, from installing some things. This seemed to be enough to cause the Y3 to utterly refuse to recognize the device at all. Since I had no easy way to offload these drives, and try them clean, I bought some new ones and… first one I tried, having “only” a single jpg, and a png file on it – worked perfectly. I can only assume that its “seeing” the non-allowed files and refusing to mount it.Imho, this is a bad design, especially with the .zip files, since while I wouldn’t expect it to “recognize” those files, I can see cases where someone might have archived data on a thumb drive, which they intend to use for something, and also have their images on the same thing, with the intent of using them with the projector. But.. This is minor, I suppose, just annoying.The second annoyance is that you can’t set “default” behaviors. I.e., if you have it set to play images, it cycles through the images, with no way to set the delay, and this is “default behavior”. I can only assume that this is also the case with video, and audio… I finally figured out how to turn this off (sort of), though, “replay: one” seems like a bloody weird way to describe, “Don’t change to the next one.”This then brings up another issue. The manual is… very lacking in details on how to use this thing. So.. I have no idea if double tapping the >> button on the control will advance to a new image, if its set in “replay: one” mode, but if so this is not at all obvious, and the alternative is to go back to the menu, and us “its” >| button to go to the next one.It would be real helpful if a firmware update included some way to set the “stay on this image” function on/off as a default, so it wouldn’t need to be set each time, as well as turn on/off/configure some behaviors, including delays between image changes.Also… If it where my design, I would have included a simple config file support (can’t be that complex), which would let someone specify things like, “Play this/these music files while this image is being viewed.”, or, “Here is what I want you do do with images, and how they play back.”, etc.Basically, in my specific case, this might be like playing tavern sounds while the “interior tavern” image is up, and switching to, “combat music”, when images of that type are being shown, etc.The Y3 obviously doesn’t support wi-fi, or the like, so I have no idea what its “app” does, but.. betting that doesn’t including more than just a phone based “remote control”. Maybe I am wrong.All in all, there is a lot to “work around” to use this for anything other than a slide show projector, when used from a USB drive, and its “default” setting isn’t even “good” for that (since, presumably, a slide show/presentation would require a) the images not automatically advance on their own, and b) the buttons on the remote actually bloody working right, to move to the next one, when in “single image” mode.Its cheap, it works, but.. its going to take a lot of work to use it as I intended, or as anyone giving a presentation might even want it to. So.. Not horrible, but, not great either.

  4. Is great for the size and portability. Pictures and descriptions are deceptive. 7500 lumens should be bright enough to display at 10 feet. This unit is no way 7500 lumens. Cannot see display unless ALL lights are off. The pictures in the product page give the illusion of using this with lights on on the room. The HDMI cable provided was broken and did not work. Luckily I had one on hand and the picture came right when using that one. If you settle and buy this, make sure you buy or have on hand an HDMI cable on hand just in case. Will be returning.

  5. I only got to use this once. I had planned to use it a second time, had it turned on, and then I had to unplug and move it and the power light won’t turn red and the projector will not turn on. It worked great up until then. I’ve only had it since June 18th. I would like to figure out if there’s a way to get it fixed or get a new one without having to buy a whole new projector.

  6. For what you pay, the quality is pretty good. Just don’t try to watch a movie if there is any daylight peeking in from under the blinds in your darkened room. I bought this for the classroom as we don’t have any technology in our rooms. I thought it would be a good way to show PowerPoints to the students. But it turns out that there is no way to turn the lights off completely in the classroom, and thus no way to see the PowerPoints on the whiteboard using this projector. If your room is totally dark, or you only watch movies at night, buy it!! In these conditions, it’s pretty awesome.

  7. Purchased this recently. Love the nebula for picture quality, price, and size/portability!I did experience technical difficulties at first. Needed to update the entire system/most apps using their beta software. However, the Anker support team was more than helpful, patient, responded quickly, and gave clear direction that resolved all my issues eventually. Overall, happy I reached out instead of just returning.I will say for a product that advertises it is, “Android 7.1: Run streaming and media apps flawlessly. Seamlessly display content from Netflix, Youtube, and more on your mini projector for endless entertainment.” This was far from my experience. Mainly did not expect to have to jump through hoops and days of back & forth. Until finally being able to log into and use streaming services, as advertised.

  8. My family recently bought this projector to use with an inflatable screen to watch movies in our backyard. This projector is easy to use and made movie night a success. We have chose to primarily use it with our DVD player but there are options to hook up other devices, I am going to play around with a Fire Stick or a Roku. It is possible to hook up an iPhone or iPad but I don’t think that’s a feature that we will use so I can’t speak for how that process goes.The speaker has decent sound, however you need to be sitting behind or to the side of the projector in order to hear it. I think we are going to get an external speaker for it so we can expand our seating options.Overall, I am really impressed with this item and look forward to lots of family movie nights in our backyard.

  9. I am a legally blind artist, and often use projected images to help make sure that I have the correct perspective and that the components of the painting are in the correct position. For example I do a lot of equestrian work, and projecting a photo that I am working off of can help make sure that I put the horse’s ear or eye in the correct place. This is the best projector I have found for projecting artwork. It is simple to use, even for somebody who is visually impaired. I wanted something that would project a bright image, and do it with brilliant color and clarity. This projector does it all. If you are an artist who wants a simple product, with colorful explosive clarity, look no further. I have gone through four different projectors until I found this one. I love it!

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