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Top Selling Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit 6 Piece Set on Amazon

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Favorite: Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit 6 Piece Set on Amazon

beetles gel polish set | trending nails 2023

On the hunt for the best Gel Polish for the the cutest mani or pedi? This set has all you need to do your nails at home and to stand out from the crowd!

Beetles put together a list of the 6 most trendy colors in manicures for 2023! These looks will be sure to make your nails stand out for any holiday or everyday wear.

It comes with Snow White, Glitter Silver, Burgundy Red and Champagne Gold gel nail polish – to do your nails at home and save big.

6 More Stunning Shades of Gel Polish: Rustic Reception Collection

Beetle Gel Polish Set , Rustic Reception Collection
Also the perfect Bridal nail colors.

This palette features six elegant, versatile shades that can be worn all year long. This collection offers a range of trendy and classic pinks as well as the warm-toned browns suited for spring to fall.

HEALTHY NOTE: It is made with 9 toxin-free ingredients and has a low odor, making it perfect for anyone who's health conscious.

Everyone loves new nail polish! No matter the occasion—birthday, holiday, anniversary or Valentine's Day—it makes an ideal present!

It's easily applied and good staying power. Will last at least 3 weeks if properly cared for. (Be sure to use a great cuticle oil too like our favorite one HERE).

Helpful TIP: Cure under the lamp for 90 to 120 seconds. Base coat and top coat required. If gel feels thick or tacky, soak in water for 1-2 minutes (remove from water and shake well).

Do you Need a UV Light, too? This one is the best.

Check out Our Favorite UV Light on Amazon!

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Top Selling Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit 6 Piece Set on Amazon
Top Selling Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit 6 Piece Set on Amazon
$14.99 $21.98
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