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Best Deals on Men’s Toiletry Bags For Travel $4.99

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Specifications: Material: Polyester Size: approx. 9.45" x 5.51" x 3.54" (24cm x 14cm x 9cm) Color: Black, Coffee, Blue Style: Toiletry Bag Closure: Zipper Theme: Outdoor, Army, Modern Features: 1. Made from high-density water-resistant polyester with clean stitching and strong zinc alloy zipper...

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Check out the best deals on Men's Toiletry Bags

best deals on Men's Toiletry Bags
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Best Deals on Men’s Toiletry Bags For Travel $4.99
Best Deals on Men’s Toiletry Bags For Travel $4.99
$6.99 $9.99
Randi Owsley

Randi Owsley

Randi is your deal loving shopping BFF. She is also a licensed psychotherapist, shopaholic, podcast host and the ultimate deal hunter. Randi is all about helping you spend less and helping you find more of what you love while saving on the way!

  1. Just received this item and have not had a chance to use it yet, but here are my first impressions…The bag is very compact and lightweight when empty. I have had similar bags like this in the past and this by far has the ability to crunch down and save space. That being said, it is made of thinner nylon so does not feel as durable, and has better likelihood of breaking down faster. The internal snap in hanging pockets are a bit warped and may not be as useful as it looks in the photos (but I never use them anyway).This is a good size for a week or 10 day vacation, as there is plenty of space for a hairbrush/comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, a small mouthwash and some creams/lotions. The side pockets are nice to separate your mouthcare products from your hair and body care products…I am heading on vacation in a few days and plan to try it out- will come back and post an updated review if I see something else to add.

  2. The media could not be loaded.  When traveling I have often thrown things in a bag reserved for toiletries. Although convenient, it was messy and disorganized. When I arrived I would then have to rummage through the bag or just dump it out. With that said, I tried this toiletry bag to see how I would do things differently and whether it would make things better. I was surprised by the sheer quantity of pockets and places where things can be stored. There were some thoughtful design aspects, such as a detachable bag for wet soap, and a plastic covered flap covering wet toothbrushes. Fully loaded the bag was good size to stash in other luggage and easy to carry via its handle. The bag easily hangs on towel racks or shower door handles. The size was just right, offering extra room for miscellaneous items such as razors/chargers or medicines as well. Some key things worth mentioning include:LIGHTWEIGHT: material is designed to be light, but nylon seems resilient and also should be easy to clean if needed (spills or such). Advantage is this will take up little extra space for the bag when put in another bag during travel. I realized a thick material would actually be less useful for this type of bag, since it would add bulk and material would likely be hard to clean.LOT OF POCKETS: Arguably this bag has more pockets than you may ever need. Including detachable waterproof one (for soap perhaps), multiple mesh pockets, several stretch pockets (toothbrushes, lipstick, makeup…) and several zipper pockets. It pretty much seemed there was a pocket everywhere you could put one. I was worried that the zippers might be “too” lightweight since they seemed delicate, but I experimented and found they worked well when stuff was in them and opening/closing several times.USEFUL HANGER: for hanging bag in closet or bathroom on towel rack. I liked the idea of hanging this from towel rack rather than unpacking everything as I did in pastWould I suggest any future improvements?: Perhaps a stiffer bottom to allow bag to more easily “sit” on sink and make easier to tell top from bottom. Once loaded it will be fairly obvious, but this would help when dealing with a lightly loaded bag.I found this bag functional and well-designed. It solves a real problem for minimal cost and is made of materials that should hold up for the intended use, while emphasizing being lightweight. I provided a few pictures of packaging and “packed” bag, and an “unpacking” video to provide a sense for how much the bag can hold.

  3. I bought this as a gift for my father. He thought it had a classic, polished look and was glad to find it sturdy and able to stand upright at all times. I did my research. I reviewed many other Dopp kits on Amazon, read many reviews, about fabrics from which item is made, and if it was waterproof. This one is clearly the winner. Hands down! When my Dad said it was perfect and hit all his check boxes, I was delighted. You’ll be pleased with this well made product!

  4. I was gifted a much larger toiletry bag. Sure, lots of room to put things, but it would also take up more room in my suitcase. I had things, but not THAT many things… so I bought this one.The size is perfect. Plenty of room for all my things, including some bulkier items (full size deodorant, shampoo bottle etc.). The double zipper means I can see everything fairly easily. Elastic straps so items like my safety razor (people– stop shaving with cartridge razors), toothbrush, etc. and a waterproof side pocket for anything that might be wet.I DID think this had a canvas exterior but it was just a texture on vinyl. It’s still a keeper!

  5. there is no way I could fit this into my usual carry-on since it is extra large as described, but for trips where I take larger luggage or don’t need to worry about being compact, this is perfect – it is MASSIVE in comparison to many, and I think the dark purple color is really pretty. in addition to the large main compartment there are several other zippered areas. i bought this while visiting my mom – i went to a discount store well-known for its selection of Korean beauty products and went a little crazy and even so, there is still actually more space in it than I need at the moment lol…

  6. I bought this toiletry bag because I was outgrowing my old one (shown in last pic). It seemed to be getting too small. Well, this one has all the room the old one did PLUS two nice sized zippered pockets on the sides. This one also has mesh pockets so you can see everything you have. My old one had one mesh and one you couldn’t see through. That one contained stuff I didn’t or couldn’t remember what was in there. Overall, this thing isn’t rocket science. It has nice deep pockets that help keep things standing up and lots of room for everything you need to take with you. There’s even a separate clear plastic pouch that snaps into place where you can put stuff that is wet so it doesn’t contaminate the rest of the contents. Overall, I am very pleased with this bag. My only problem is that my wife likes it so much that she is claiming it for herself to replace the toiletry bag she’s had for years. Looks like I’m going to have to buy another one. Happy wife….happy life.

  7. It’s a cute bag just as pictured in the listing. So I won’t bore you with the obvious stuff. This is how I feel about it after using it for a month or so:It’s a bag with something of an identity crisis. I say that because to look at it, you might – quite reasonably – conclude that it would make a great makeup bag. Those big compartments on the sides with all of those little pockets are just aching for some makeup brushes, aren’t they? No, they’re not actually. Unless you have some freakishly long makeup brushes, you’ll find that the elastic piece above the pockets over up the brush so all you see is a 1/2 length of a dozen or so little sticks. It’s kind of difficult to select the right brush like that. Obviously, these pockets were intended for something else. But what is that? Maybe there’s a diagram or something that will clue us into what the designers were imagining would go in these pockets. Nope. They want to keep it all as vague as possible so they don’t cramp your creativity or whatever. But after a while, you start to feel like you’re just making excuses for their odd design choices.In the end, I don’t know for certain what those little pockets – or any other part of this bag – were actually intended to hold. But I can tell you that it does a pretty terrible job holding brushes, lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner, mascara, pencils, nail tools, etc. BUT it does a great job holding liquid foundation (large bottles anyway), power foundation, setting powder, concealer, eye shadow, blush, and liquid lipstick. But to be completely honest, a plastic grocery bag holds all of those things pretty well too. It also does a good job holding nail files, hair brushes, razors, shaving cream, aftershave, all types of lotions, makeup remover, nail polish remover, exfoliating pads/sponges, etc.Wait, could it be that this bag is actually intended to hold just toiletries as it clearly states in the main description? It would seem so. Despite every effort to make it work as something it clearly is not, in the end, I must concede that it is exactly what it claimed to be all along.I didn’t remove a star due to anything related to this bag’s inability to be something it never claimed to be. I gave this bag a 4-star review because of just how soft it is. If you actually travel with this bag, it will get kicked around. Unfortunately, the bag does not have adequate structure to it to protect your toiletries from damage. I know it’s not a hard-shell case. But some heavy wire framing would have done the job nicely. If it were done carefully and thoughtfully enough, it wouldn’t even have much impact on the bag’s collapsibility.And one other nit to pick about this bag is that there isn’t a loop to hold the metal hanger in place while you’re closing the bag. As a result, every time you close it, you have to do this silly move where you have to stuff the hanger bit back up under the lid and then find a way to sneakily finish closing the lib without the hanger falling back out. I solved this by just sewing a bit of canvas material into the inside to form a loop right where the hanger would naturally lay. Problem solved! Regardless, those are things the designer should have taken care of.

  8. I bought this to replace one I had been using for over 10 years.I have now had this one for over a year and have made several trips with it.It is great and I would buy it again.

  9. Bag is a nice looking bag . It holds all my grooming products was cheaper than the bags I saw in target . Not too big not too small

  10. Have not used much yet so not sure how will wear over time, but this is a nice simple bag that holds my stuff.

  11. Haven’t had it for long, so the durability is TBD. But the storage capacity is pretty crazy. I can fit quite a few full-size products (even my extra-tall cans of hairspray) pretty easily. The hook on the top flap makes it super convenient to hang up when traveling. Plus, it comes with a shoulder strap, which makes toting it around a breeze.I usually don’t take time to write out detailed reviews, but this was a great purchase!

  12. The bag is well-made. It feels sturdy and durable. I was really happy with the elastic loops in the compartments that help keep the contents organized. No need fish around in the bag searching for deodorant, toothbrush, etc.My only complaint is that the bag is a bit small. I ordered the medium size and expected it to have more space based on the other reviews I read. To be clear, all of my items fit but the bag feels overstuffed. I would definitely order the large bag if I could do it over.

  13. I bought this bag for traveling as it seemed to not be possible to get all of my cosmetics into my other bags. I am on a trip now and found that I got everything in that I needed. I love the many compartments, I kept finding new ones that I had not noticed at first. I tried to put things together in the same part of the bag, like eye stuff in one spot, brushes in the zip out areas on the sides. I did not try to hang it as it was very heavy by time I got everything in it that I need but will try it and see how it does. There is no support in the bottom so it can tip over but I just made sure it was place with some support and had not problems with it tipping over. Very happy that I bought this bag. Got the pink color, it was cheaper and it is a pretty color.

  14. The only thing I do not like is it does not have holes to put a lock. I’m very skeptical to leave my toiletries out in the open when I’m not in my room. Otherwise very convenient the XL bag. Holds a LOT, but not too big.

  15. I ordered in the color pink for an upcoming girls trip. The bag is beautiful.The bag is very easy to wipe clean.The bag is pretty spacious in the main compartment with elastic straps that hold bottles upright.There are multiple pockets inside, which held all my toiletries and shaving supplies in an organized fashion.I was able to easily reach into the main compartment to grab items.This bag can be used for home and/or travel.Go and purchase this bag – you won’t regret it.This would be a great gift for someone.

  16. The quality of the product is very nice. I really like all of the different sections for organizing the travel bag.

  17. I’ve had 2-3 toiletry bags in this style, but they are never quite big enough for all the stuff I use/bring (nothing full size mind you, except for deodorant, even my hairbrush is travel size). This one is more than big enough (with some room to spare. I may just throw some socks in the extra room or something). This is the closest I’ve found to the perfect toiletry bag (for me). The one thing I don’t love is the left side compartment is for makeup brushes, but I don’t have any (I’m a guy) so limited other options to put there (too narrow for much else. Nail clippers/tweezers maybe, but that’s about it. Wish it had some slightly larger elastic bands/pockets that could hold something there. Maybe I can move my razor over there now that I think of it. The bag itself is lightweight with more pockets than most (I’m surprised it doesn’t have a zipped pocket on the outside of the front flap, but has one (open/unzipped) on each side. Worth the price. I’ll keep it and would recommend it. Read the measurements carefully. It’s not huge, but it is not small.

  18. Can’t speak to durability as only had short time, but had worked out great for frequent travel.

  19. I needed a bag to put my missal in for Sunday Mass. I was not going to pay a high price for one. I came across this bag, I can fit my Missal in the bag. Plus there a side pocket I added my bottle water. The bag is nice and roomy and I can added other items in there as well. Great product. Thank you.