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Fall Tumblers at Starbucks 2022

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have you snagged any of the new released Starbucks tumblers this fall?


I'm a huge fan of tumblers, mug and well any cute cup, and I'm always excited for new Starbucks cups and drinks. When the fall season comes around, I want to be able to get my hands on all that pumpkin spice goodness: But what are some new Fall cups from Starbucks? Well here's everything you need to know about the upcoming collection!

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Starbucks has released new drinkware that is sure to bring some fall feels. With hot cups, cold cups and water bottles—as well as a few other options for your Starbucks beverage-loving heart's desire—you can find the perfect way to add festive fall vibes into your daily coffee routine.

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Fall merchandise, all under $30, is beginning to roll out at participating Starbucks stores in the U.S., a limited-time offering that will sell out quickly.

TIP: Remember, Starbucks Rewards™ members who bring a clean reusable cup into participating cafés earn 25 Stars and save 10 cents off their beverage.

Bling cup in orange

The Orange Bling Cup is a studded cup with orange studs. Perfect for storing your iced Pumpkin Spice Lattes. The cup is part of the fall cups collection, and holds 24 ounces of beverage. It's available now for $22.95 at Starbucks stores across America.

Rainforest Water Bottle

The Water Bottle is the most expensive Starbucks cup (by far), but it’s also the most durable. This 20-ounce bottle is made of polypropylene plastic, and comes with an attached carabiner so you can conveniently clip it to your backpack or purse. It features a fauna print design that reminds me of my favorite summer camp:

Kaleidoscope Cold Cup

This iced coffee cup is a limited edition and perfect for your iced coffees or frappes. It has an iridescent print, so it’s sure to catch the eye of everyone around you. The 24-ounce version costs $22.95 and comes in Periwinkle Kaleidoscope Starbucks Fall Cold Cup (not available online).

Ocean Gradient Mug

You can purchase this mug at the following locations:

  • Starbucks licensed store locations
  • This includes hotels, hospitals and some in-store locations. 

Hot Cup Set (6-Pack)

The Fall Hot Cup Set is a great way to add a pop of color to your day. With six 16-ounce cups in 6 different colors, you can use them for any occasion! This set is ideal for parties and family gatherings—or just feel like having an assortment of fun new cups.

Whether you're hosting brunch or just want to change up the look of your kitchen counter every few days, this set is sure to please. The best part? They're only $16.95!

Color Changing Hot Cup

  • For a fun cup of coffee, get this season's color changing hot cup.
  • Color changes are visible through the cup.
  • This year, your fall hot cup will change from blue to purple when adding hot liquid to the cup.

Glow-in-the-Dark Starbucks Tumblers: Target Exclusive

The first exclusive is the Night Crackle Glow-in-the-Dark Target Exclusive (16 oz): $12.95. This glow-in-the-dark mug is a Target exclusive that emulates the night sky while also using periwinkle colored accents on the cup and handle, which gives it an extra spooky touch for fall season.

The next cup comes in two sizes—Periwinkle Raven Glow-in-the-Dark Target Exclusive (24 oz) and Periwinkle Raven Glow-in-the Dark Target Exclusive (16 oz). Both of these Starbucks Fall cups show a periwinkle colored raven that has a cool glow-in-the dark effect when you turn off the lights. You can buy them now on Amazon or wait until they hit stores in late September!

Lemongrass Gradient Tumbler

If you have a thing for yellow and green, this is the Starbucks cup for you. Made of ceramic and in partnership with Target, it's perfect for anyone who loves lemongrass-flavored iced tea or lemonade.

The Lemongrass Gradient Tumbler ($19.95) will be sold exclusively at Target stores nationwide beginning August 21st until October 7th—so if you want to get your hands on it as soon as possible, make sure to visit one before then!

Night Stripe Siren Target Exclusive

If you love Target, then this one is for you! The Night Stripe Siren Target Exclusive (24 oz) is a limited-edition Starbucks fall cup that’s only available at the chain’s stores.

This beautiful orange and black stripe design boasts the signature siren logo in gold on top of a muted gray background—it's easy to see why it's one of our favorites.

Glow-in-the-Dark Set (6-pack)

If you’re looking for a festive twist on your reusable cups, Starbucks is giving customers the option to purchase their new Glow-in-the-Dark Set (6-pack; 16 oz). The set comes with four different styles: the White Leaves and Acorns Print, Black Cat Print, Spooky Ghost and Purple Cat Print. Each design features black lettering that glows in the dark when charged with light.

The new hot cup collection will be available starting September 5th at participating stores across Canada and the U.S., but only while supplies last! You can grab one through their website or by calling 1-800-782-7282 to order over the phone.

Preying Eyes Glow-in-the-Dark Cold Cup

The preying eyes cup has glow-in-the-dark features that are sure to make your beverage stand out. The eyes are actually filled with phosphorescent ink and will glow green, orange or yellow when exposed to light. This design is only available at Target stores, so you'll want to hop on this quick and get your hands on one before they sell out!

Starbucks has released pictures of their Fall Cups Collection.

Starbucks has released some of their Fall Cups Collection. The cups have a variety of colors and designs, including gold and pink versions. They are available in different sizes for varying drink temperatures. The cups are available in stores now but more are releasing over the upcoming weeks.

More Coming- Sept. 27 Release

  • Berry Gradient Tumbler (20 oz): $29.95
  • Ocean Gradient Brewer (16 oz): $22.95
  • Siren Cold Cup (24 oz): $29.95
  • Lemongrass Bling Cup Glow-in-the-Dark (24 oz): $24.95

Oct. 11 Cups Being Released 

  • Ocean Kalediscope Cold Cup (24 oz): $22.95
  • Bling Berry Cold Cup (24 oz): $22.95
  • Grid Rainforest Cold Cup (24 oz): $22.95

Can you use Stars to purchase the Starbucks fall cups?

Can you use your Starbucks Stars to buy the new Fall cups?

If you have 400 Stars in your account, you can get a free reusable Starbucks cup that’s less than $17.99. The other cups will be up for sale and can be purchased with cash or credit cards (much like they always have). Any cup that costs more than $17.99 cannot be bought using Stars, however—you must pay cash or credit card for those items if you want them right now!

Where can I buy last year’s Starbucks fall cups?

If you’re looking for last year’s Starbucks fall cups, you can find them on online retailers like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

And once they’re gone, they’re gone; Starbucks has no intention of bringing back past cup designs.


As you can see, Starbucks has a lot going on this fall. With new flavors and styles of drinks in their seasonal menu, the brand is looking to stay fresh and relevant. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

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