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The Best Nintendo Switch Games Free !

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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (Nintendo Switch)

46 new from $22.00
5 used from $21.44
Free shipping
as of April 20, 2024 10:39 pm


  • Play through all nine Star Wars saga films in a brand-new LEGO videogame unlike any other.
  • Experience fun-filled adventures, whimsical humour, and the freedom to fully immerse yourself in the LEGO Star Wars universe like never before.
  • Players have the freedom to seamlessly travel to any planet, in any order, at any time.
  • Features hundreds of playable characters from throughout the galaxy. Choose from a legion of heroes like Luke Skywalker, Qui-Gonn Jinn, Chewbacca, Leia Organa, and Poe Dameron or turn to the dark side as Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, and more.
  • Whether on land or in space, hundreds of vehicles from across the galaxy are yours to command. Jump to light speed in the Millennium Falcon, fly the T-47 airspeeder as you take down AT-AT walkers on Hoth, and battle First Order TIE fighters in Resistance X-wings.

Collection Retro Games

as of April 20, 2024 10:39 pm


  • Play every time, everywhere.
  • Updated regularly.
  • Support for game state.
  • Highly customizable controller!.
  • Virtual Joystick.

NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition - Nintendo Switch EU Version Region Free

54 new from $29.00
4 used from $26.90
Free shipping
as of April 20, 2024 10:39 pm


  • Immerse yourself in the NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition and pay tribute to the legacy of Kobe Bryant. Play Now, MyCareer, and MyTeam modes provide a variety of ways to experience the game.
  • Relive Kobe's career with the Los Angeles Lakers and compete against other legendary teams and players.
  • In MyCareer, create and manage your own player and embark on a journey to become an NBA superstar.
  • In MyTeam, assemble your dream team of players and compete against others online or offline.
  • Please note that although this game is Region Free or Region Unlocked and will work on all systems, this is the international version and may differ from the local version in age rating, labeling or instructions. DLC content may or may not work unless selecting the proper region.

Minecraft - Nintendo Switch

36 new from $27.99
29 used from $23.34
Free shipping
as of April 20, 2024 10:39 pm


  • Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures
  • Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles
  • Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs
  • Play on the go in handheld or tabletop modes
  • Includes Super Mario Mash-Up, Natural Texture Pack, Biome Settlers Skin Pack, Battle & Beasts Skin Pack, Campfire Tales Skin Pack; Compatible with Nintendo Switch only

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Standard - Nintendo Switch [Digital Code]

as of April 20, 2024 10:39 pm


  • Ultrahand: Using the new Ultrahand ability, Link can pick up, move, and rotate almost any object, and can even attach objects together to create bridges, vehicles, and more!
  • Fuse: Magically fuse almost any object to Link’s current weapon, shield, or arrow to increase durability, damage, or even add a new effect. Experiment with lots of different combinations to come up with surprising—and sometimes hilarious—results!
  • Ascend: Add a new dimension to your exploration with Ascend, which gives Link the ability to pass through solid objects above him. Rise up through ceilings, hillsides, and even certain enemies to create seemingly impossible shortcuts.
  • Recall: Use Recall to make objects in motion move backward through time, letting Link ride fallen boulders skyward, recover thrown weapons, or send projectiles back where they came from.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - US Version

71 new from $44.21
29 used from $39.99
Free shipping
as of April 20, 2024 10:39 pm


  • New stages and fighters are joined by the combined rosters of every past Super Smash Bros. Game
  • Challenge others anytime, anywhere, whether you're on the couch or on the go
  • Play any way you want—locally, online, in TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode, or even with GameCube Controllers
  • Fight faster and smarter with new and returning techniques, like the perfect shield and directional air dodge
  • Face off in 2-4 player battles, or play against the computer

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach (NSW)

16 new from $37.99
7 used from $34.17
Free shipping
as of April 20, 2024 10:39 pm


  • INCLUDED - Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach will feature an exclusive sticker sheet
  • THE HUNTERS AND THE HUNTED - Once nighttime protocols are initiated, the animatronics at Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex will relentlessly pursue all intruders
  • ADAPT TO SURVIVE - Access security cameras to survey the environment and plan your route through danger; Distract enemies by knocking over paint cans and toys; Hop into hiding spots and allow danger to pass, or try to outrun your pursuers
  • EXPLORE AND DISCOVER - Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex offers a variety of attractions for guests to enjoy - Monty Golf, Roxy Raceway, Bonnie Bowl, the sewers, and… Sewers; The Pizzaplex is vast and has no shortage of goodies to discover

Sonic Frontiers - Nintendo Switch

37 new from $23.60
16 used from $23.99
Free shipping
as of April 20, 2024 10:39 pm


  • Race across five massive overworlcl islands, each with their own unique action-platforming challenges and hidden secrets to uncover
  • Blaze a trail as you see fit and discover side quests, solve puzzles, scale enormous structures, go fishing, and encounter a firendly face or two along the way
  • Unlock Cyber Space levels featuring signature 3D platforming at Sonic speeds and a variety of challenges to test your skills like never before
  • Use the all-new battle system and skill tree upgrades, combining moves such as dodges, parries, counters, combos, and the new Cyloop ability to take down mysterious foes
  • Become Sonic and journey to uncover the mysteries of the remains of an ancient civilization plagued by robotic hordes

No Man's Sky - Nintendo Switch

30 new from $23.95
5 used from $27.87
Free shipping
as of April 20, 2024 10:39 pm


  • Embark on an epic voyage, find your own destiny in this epic space adventure
  • Includes 6 years of updates
  • An entire universe to explore on the go in the palm of your hands
  • For the first time ever, PlayStation 5 physical edition as well as Nintendo Switch (physical & digital)

Gang Beasts - Nintendo Switch

22 new from $23.99
3 used from $23.19
Free shipping
as of April 20, 2024 10:39 pm


  • Gang Beasts is a silly multiplayer party game set in the mean streets of Beef City with surly gelatinous characters, brutal slapstick fight sequences, and absurd hazardous environments
  • Customize your characters with hundreds of colorful costumes
  • Experience hilarious and gelatinous ragdoll physics
  • Play locally or online with up to 8 players
  • Experience Local Wireless Multiplayer, exclusively on Nintendo Switch

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Most Loved Nintendo Switch Games Free on Amazon
Most Loved Nintendo Switch Games Free on Amazon
$25.70 $34.99
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