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Popular Hatch Restore on Amazon

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The Group Favorite Hatch Restore !

Check Out These Hatch Restore – Sound Machine, Smart Light, Personal Sleep Routine, Bedside Reading Light, Wind Down Content and Sunrise Alarm Clock for Gentle Wake Up

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Hatch Restore 1 (2020 Model)

2 new from $129.99
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as of February 19, 2024 8:24 am


  • A new, improved version of Restore is now available on Amazon as Hatch Restore 2.
  • Restore 1 is a sound machine and sunrise alarm clock that also enables a personalized sleep-wake routine.
  • Expand your library: Your Restore comes with nature sounds and white noise to drown out distractions and help you drift to sleep. To access even more content, including meditations, sleep stories, soundscapes and curated wind-down channels, give Hatch Sleep Membership a try! Subscription sold separately in app; free trial included.
  • Control via app or touch: Control with soft-touch buttons on the device, or use the free companion app for iOS or Android.
  • Device requires Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Hatch Restore 2 Sunrise Alarm Clock, Sound Machine, Smart Light (Slate) ー Your Bedside Sleep Guide, White Noise, Personal Sleep Routines, Dimmable Clock, Deep Sleep, Gentle Alarm, Wake Up Energized

as of February 19, 2024 8:24 am


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REACHER Sound Machine Sunrise Alarm Clock with Night Light, 26 Nature Inspired Sleep Sounds, 0-100% Dimmable Clock, Sunrise Lamp, Wake Up Light, Brown/Pink/White Noise Machine for Babys, Adults, Kids

6 used from $41.49
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as of February 19, 2024 8:24 am


  • 【Restful Sleep-Wake Routine】Sleek designed with sound machine, sunrise alarm clock, and night light into one integrated machine. Helps you fall asleep easier, stay asleep longer & wake up refreshed everyday.
  • 【26 Nature Inspired Sleep Sounds】Selective sounds by science, include white/brown/pink/brown noise, rain, lullaby, ocean waves, etc. High-quality 5W stereo speaker helps mask disruptive environmental noise so you or your little one can fall asleep with ease and sleep deeply.
  • 【Gentle Orange Wake-up Light】sunrise light gradually increases before your alarm time, waking you in a natural way. Sunrise duration is adjustable and 3 alarm sounds (forest birds, piano, traditional bell ) or mute allows you to customize easy and energetic wake-up morning.
  • 【Colorful Nightlight, Dimmable Clock】Create a relaxing and sleeping-friendly ambience. Soft light for reading, no eye strain for kids and adults. With 0-100% led digital clock dimmer, get your personal comfort brightness without disturbing your sleep at night.
  • 【No App Needed, Easy to Use Control】 Physical controls right where you need them, even at 2am. Sound, clock and light settings saved with backup battery. Come with 59inch power cord, long enough to plug in the socket near the bed.

HOUSBAY White Noise Machine Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light, Dimmable Night Light, 26 Natural Sounds, Gentle Wake up & Sound Machine for Sleeping, Adults, Kids, Baby-Wooden

as of February 19, 2024 8:24 am


  • 【Better Sleep, Wake Energized, Affordable Price】- Experience more natural sounds to help you relax and fall asleep easily, wake up gently to a brighter 300 lux light,to be a morning person whatever the season! Plus, affordable price with wooden design, new addition to your bedroom.
  • 【Upgrade Your Mornings with Sunrise Wake-Up Light】- Transform your wake-up routine with the natural progression of sunrise as the wake-up light gradually illuminates, offering a customizable sunrise duration of 5-60 minutes before your alarm time. Say goodbye to jarring alarms and enjoy pleasant mornings with 3 optional alarm sounds or a silent, sunrise-only wake-up call.
  • 【Sleeping with Ease】- Fall asleep easier with 26 soothing sounds, such as ocean, waves, rain, thunderstorm, etc., which cover up all disruptive noises and create the perfect sleeping environment. An optional 5-180 minutes sleep timer & 31 levels volume are customized.
  • 【Night Light & Bedside Reading Lamp】- Choose from 9 fully adjustable colors for your night light, bright enough for reading or dimmed for a relaxing mood. Achieve your personal comfort brightness without disturbing your sleep at night.
  • 【Super Easy Setup】 - The dimmable LED clock and quick-access dial for nightlight brightness can be completely turn off. No app needed, just manual plug which make setup easy for adults and kids alike.

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 2nd Gen | Sleep Trainer, Time-to-Rise Alarm Clock, White Noise Soother, Music & Stories for Nursery, Toddler & Kids Bedroom (Wi-Fi)

as of February 19, 2024 8:24 am


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Hatch Restore Power Cord (Barrel Style for Restore)

as of February 19, 2024 8:24 am


  • Power Cord (Barrel Style) used for Hatch Restore
  • Input: AC 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.6A
  • Output: 12.0V=2000mA
  • Model: GA - 1202000
  • 55 inches in lenght

Smolsies – My Cute Pet House - Hatch Eggs, Collect Baby Animals & Take Care of Pets!

as of February 19, 2024 8:24 am


  • Meet Smolsies – the cutest squishy pom–pom creatures!
  • Hatch surprise eggs & collect adorable pets!
  • Merge Smolsies & get new surprise eggs!
  • Collect all 18 cute pet Smolsies!
  • Take care of virtual pets - feed, bathe & clean up!

Hatch: The Overthrow, Book 2

as of February 19, 2024 8:24 am


Is Adult Product
Release Date2020-12-01T00:00:00-00:00
Publication Date2020-12-01T08:00:00Z

Vivilumens Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers Adults, Wake-up Light, Sleep Aid 10 White Noise Sound Machines with 30/60/90 Timer, 3 Level Dimmable Touch Table Lamp with Snooze USB Charger Port

3 used from $47.03
Free shipping
as of February 19, 2024 8:24 am


  • 【Rise and Shine with Our wake-up light Alarm Clock】Our alarm clock also have a wake-up light function, the perfect solution for a peaceful morning routine. Experience the gradual illumination of sunlight in your room, starting 10 minutes before your alarm sounds, and reaching its brightest at wake-up time. Say goodbye to harsh alarms and wake up gently to a simulated sunrise. Discover the wonders of our sunlight alarm clocks. In addition, the alarm clock also features a USB charging station.
  • 【Customizable Dual-Mode Alarm Clock for Bedroom】-The new digital clock for the bedroom, a versatile alarm clock with two distinct modes to suit your sleep schedule. With this alarm clock, you can customize two different wake-up times based on their individual routines. Whether you're an early riser or prefer a bit of extra sleep, this clock has got you covered. In addition, our clock can be set to 12 hours or 24 hours. You can adjust it according to your own habits.
  • 【10 Soothing Sounds: Your Ultimate Sleep Companion】Our premium alarm clock with white noise - the perfect sleep companion. Immerse yourself in a sonic oasis with 10 soothing sounds. Choose from 30, 60, or 90-minute timers to effortlessly drift off to sleep. As the white noise gently lulls you, our night light lamp creates a calming ambiance. When the white noise ends, the light fades away, ensuring a peaceful night's rest. Experience the ultimate relaxation with our alarm clock.
  • 【Enhance Your Sleep Routine with the Alarm Clock】The versatile features of a wake-up light alarm clock, which serves as both an alarm clock and a bedroom clock. This device offers three different brightness adjustment options for optimal customization. Whether you prefer a gentle night light for a peaceful ambiance or an alarm clock with light to wake up gradually, this clock has you covered. Additionally, its soothing breathing light function adds a relaxing touch to your sleep environment.
  • 【Alarm Clock with a Snooze Mode for Heavy Sleepers Adults.】The alarm clock is also perfect for heavy sleepers adults. Featuring a snooze mode, a gradual 12-level volume adjustment, and a 9-minute power nap function, our clock allows you to gently awaken, even if you're a deep sleeper. Enjoy a serene waking experience like never before. It's the perfect feature for those who value a gentle transition from sleep to wakefulness, ensuring a refreshed start to the day.

Hatch The Softest Rib Maternity Nursing Dress

as of February 19, 2024 8:24 am


  • Comfort & Style Combined - This black maternity dress is made from a suuuuper soft ribbed knit fabric, perfect for cozy yet breathable wear during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Versatile & Chic - Our maternity maxi dress is designed to flatter your growing bump while providing ample room for movement, making it a must-have for pregnant women seeking both style and comfort
  • Effortless Nursing On-The-Go - With a nursing-friendly snap front placket, this long maternity dress offers convenience for breastfeeding moms, allowing for easy and discreet feeding anytime, anywhere
  • Essential Maternity Wardrobe Addition - An ideal addition to any collection of pregnancy clothing for women, our nursing-friendly dress provides the perfect balance of classic style and functional design
  • Embrace the Journey - Designed to embrace the changes in your body during pregnancy, this flowy maternity dress offers a form-flattering silhouette and a flowing fabric that accommodates your growing belly and provides ultimate comfort

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Popular Hatch Restore on Amazon
Popular Hatch Restore on Amazon

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