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Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags, Save Big $9.99 For a 2 Pack

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Find the lowest prices on reusable grocery shopping bags.

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Insulated Reusable Grocery Bags, 2 Pack Leakproof Shopping Tote Bags!
Currently on Amazon for $9.99 that's only $4.99 each! 
  • This 2-pack of medium insulated reusable grocery bags is perfect for trips to the grocery store, holding groceries while in your car, and carrying snacks and beach supplies.
  • The sturdy handles help you carry heavy loads easily!
  • Sturdy and durable, our reusable bags are made from heavy-duty nonwoven materials. They feature a reinforced zipper closure to keep your items secure!
  • Reusable grocery bags are great for carrying cold or frozen foods. They can be recycled and used by men, women—and they're perfect height to hold a wine bottle!
  • Reusable bags are an easy way to reduce the number of plastic and paper bags used every year.
  • This one-of-a-kind insulated tote bag serves many purposes. Use it at the grocery store, farmers market, or even camping.
  • This multi-use bag will keep your frozen stuff cold and seal in freshness!

Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags, Save Big $9.99 For a 2 Pack

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Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags, Save Big $9.99 For a 2 Pack
Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags, Save Big $9.99 For a 2 Pack
Randi Owsley

Randi Owsley

Randi is your deal loving shopping BFF. She is also a licensed psychotherapist, shopaholic, podcast host and the ultimate deal hunter. Randi is all about helping you spend less and helping you find more of what you love while saving on the way!

  1. I purchased several of the red strawberry bags from Walmart in the past, but they stopped selling them. Online it shows the bag, but in stores only. It says they are in stock at my store, but no stores in my state sell these bags or the other reusable bags at all (and this state charges money if a person doesn’t use their own bags) which makes no sense to stop selling them completely.A couple weeks ago, two of these bags ripped on me and I found these. Boy am I glad! The listing shows a different red bag in another picture but I got the Strawberry one’s I hoped for. These are top quality. One of the green bags handle has some stitching coming undone but I will not lose these strawberry bags again. In fact, I just ordered another 6 set. I wish it was an option to get one certain design and please don’t stop selling this brand even though at Walmart they were $1/each.If you live in a State like mine who scold people and charge money if they want paper, or plastic, these are perfect. They are large but not too wide which most these size are. They hold a lot of groceries and are strong. You can put a gallon of milk and two 2 liters in a bag. You could put in more, but it gets rather heavy. I tried other reusable bags from Amazon and they fell apart on the first shopping trip. The quality of Planet E is top notch and the bags don’t say “Walmart” anywhere on them like the one’s they sold at Walmart but some buyers say they got bags with the logo. Enjoy your future bags!

  2. Very strong and have purchased previously but these had Walmart logo on sides which not loving mor was that mentioned in description.

  3. I purchased these for for doing Grocery Delivery with Instacart and Shipt and they are just what the doctor ordered…I was using Bags I picked up at the a Wholesale Club to start that didn’t seal as well as these do and as soon as I made the switch average tips went up $7 per delivery just for the change…I let the customer take them right to the kitchen rather than carrying 20 plastic bags they carry these 4 bags and love the extra convenience…not to mention I’ve had Frozen food in a bag for almost a full hour on a day it was 90 degrees and they stayed frozen…I’ve been so impressed I bought 2 more sets of these and also got the XXL bag for being able to put an entire order in for 1 trip to a customer from the car….

  4. Had hoped to receive two of the three different designs, but instead received 3 of the stripe and 3 of the strawberries. I was hoping for the design with the avocado. I like this product –I purchased them in the past from Walmart, but they are no longer available there.

  5. These bags are cheaply made, not high quality. They are priced as such and right off the bat I noticed the cheap construction. The zipper is not that great and I expect it to fail sooner than later. The side walls are just a strip of biased tape and the stitching isn’t strong enough to hold a lot I can tell just by looking at it. I bought these for instacart and I hope it works. I don’t expect them to last long but if they serve the basic need then GREAT! Thank goodness my wife is a seamstress!

  6. These aren’t as big as they look in the photos and it is difficult for me to gauge size by numbers that said, they are decent insulated bags. My daughter is doing Uber Eats between jobs and these keep the food warm

  7. I bought these insulated bags for bringing groceries home during the hotter months. The size of the bags easily fit four family pack meat trays. Although I have been careful with the zippers as others had commented on the flimsy zippers, they are very sturdy, durable, and can hold a significant amount of weight. When cleaning the bags after use I usually just use a sanitizing wipe to wipe it off and then easily fold the bags back flat.Having 4 bags in this set is great as I always have had enough bags to carry all our weekend non ambient groceries in. I have used mine for several months and I am very satisfied in my purchase. These bags have helped me carry my frozen and cold grocery foods safely home. I highly recommend this set.

  8. I work a job where I need these every day all day long. For the money they are good buy. The only issue I have with them is that the plastic part that you put in the bottom of the bag does not stay secure. Keeps popping out when not in use and it’s a little annoying. Otherwise nice and roomy and the perfect size. I would buy these again

  9. Needed these as Our state will start charging for plastic.

  10. zippers came off easily so I had to fix it and sew the end shut more so the zipper would stay on.

  11. Very durable. Holds lots of snacks. Just put heavy in first

  12. Since we are not allowed to have “single use” bags in NJ (Single use??? There are many uses for these plastic bags.) I purchased this set of four insulated bags with zippers. They are sturdy and hold a lot of items. I have two in my car and my husband has two in his.

  13. Wanted to bring some Chicago deep dish pizza with me on a flight, and this bag worked well beyond expectations! Bought size XXXL bag, which was VERY roomy – way too big for 4 large deep dish but needed the width and still easy to fit into overhead bin. Picked up pizzas (3) about 830pm, flight was delayed at least an hour, had difficulty finding Lyft after landing (another hour delay), didn’t get home until 230am – bag was still fairly warm to the touch when lifting from the bottom. I also had some leftover stuffed pizza that had been in a refrigerator overnight, and I put that box on top of the 3 fresh pizzas – those leftovers were also warm when I arrived home! The entire bag was full of moisture from keeping in all that heat, and I was able to snack on all the still-warm pizza as I was unpacking in my kitchen until about 3am. Good Times! :-Dp.s. Highly recommend Lou Malnati’s a few blocks from MDW – great customer service and even better pies!!!EDIT: Bought 2 of the XL after the above trip, gold color (which is really a pink/coral gold), and they also work GREAT! Bought some fresh WI cheese to take back with me on the plane, and 1 bag was more than enough for 13lb of cheese – could’ve easily fit 3x that much. (Used the other bag for beer in my luggage. I so miss the good old days of air travel, when I could’ve carried beer on the plane with me.) Headed to the airport about 4pm, cheese was taken out of refrigerator at that time, and everything was still nice and cool when arriving home over 8 hours later. Flights were delayed, travel took longer than expected, but nothing but compliments for this product!

  14. Shopping cold food

  15. Glad to have these during the hot summer months. Put all cold foods in in one, and fresh produce in another. If packed correctly, they standup and are easy to grab together to bring the fresh foods into the house before they “cook.” The zipper not only keeps the cold air in, but it also keeps contents from falling out if the bag does tip over.

  16. These aren’t the best insulated bags by a long shot. There are others with more insulation and heavier material. However, the give good value for the money, lie flat and inconspicuous on the back seat until needed, and hole more groceries than you would expect. They are pretty easy to carry when full, but a shoulder strap would have bee nice for the heavy loads.

  17. Look getting excited over a shiny on the inside bag seems ludicrous at best but the thing does work good as we have had a hum dinger of a hot summer and the thought of buying the ice cream much less the chicken or pork unless 2 blocks from the store away seems like a ticket to the emergency or the throne room. This bag keeps ice cream cold in a hot suv and your possibly hazardous food (or drink) cold til you get home. It does work in reverse too and keep hot foods hot. It seems quite well built and sturdy and god willing should last quite a while. God bless you all and our free country too. Your friend Mark form Montanee

  18. This is a decent find, which I have been searching for.It is so compact, it takes up almost no room at all in our vehicle when not in use….a huge plus.It is a good size/roomy, very sturdy with 2 fabric handles, and a zipper to seal foods inside.It keeps foods cold, even frozen, for short distances (like if you decide to stop for a bite to eat …..or stop at a garage sale….. after grocery shopping)- but not so much (not frozen) for an hour and a half drive which was my main concern when ordering these as our best shopping options are sometimes that far from our rural home.

  19. Great insulated bags I use for grocery shopping. They are comfortable to carry.

  20. They work nicely to help keep your food cold from the market to home. Be advised these will hold a frozen turkey and ten pounds of butter with room to spare! I can put all of my cold food in one tote. The bag is not strong enough to hold up to the amount of weight you can put in it. That’s a positive thing or a negative thing depending on your circumstances.

  21. Need one stiffer, but will do for some others. For the price is ok.

  22. I have used my new lotus bags around 4 times with average weekly shopping trip each time I like the Lotus bags more ! Each shopping trip at least 6 ppl stop me to ask about my Lotus bags as shop & scan like a professional! Here in Michigan we like Meijer stores, the “Mperks” app links all our coupons, sale items and history. Just for using the shop & scan app we got a $10 off coupon first time , $5 coupon the second time ! Also if you scan an item and a coupon is available the app will tell you ,we got a $5 off coupon for dog food first time using the app . Just in coupons alone almost paid for my Lotus bags ! At Our Meijer stores they have a Lotus trolley bags display but only the regular earth tone ones I think ? Last week while shopping with my Lotus bags neatly loaded in my cart , a woman stopped me and told me how lucky I must be that my wife got me Lotus bags ! She was going to buy a set at the store after I told her to check out my set up , if she only knew that I had to talk my wife into the Lotus trolley bags. They are a bit expensive but the quality is obvious! So glad we chose Lotus trolley bags!

  23. Larger than expected. Holds a lot. Easy to wipe clean.

  24. These have probably been one of my top investments offer the last year or two. I bought them about a year ago, simply hoping for a reusable bag that would stop the plastic from piling up in our home, but they have truly been life changing.They’re crafted with sturdy materials meaning you can stuff then as full as you want. They have a nice rigid rectangular frame when loaded, meaning that they fit nice and neatly in the back seat or truck, optimizing your space 👌. And the collapse flat so you can easily store them when you’re done.Can’t give enough shout outs to these bags. We love them, checkers love em and anyone we’ve ever gifted them to has loved them… Worth every penny!

  25. These are great shopping bags. I use them to pack my frozen items from the grocery store. The bags are just the right size and very sturdy. They collapse down so they are easy to store in the car for the next shopping trip.

  26. I plan to purchase another set: these shopping bags are perfect for just about any shopping experience, especially where you typically use one of those plastic hand-held shopping baskets. These are better than those reusable bags you purchase in the grocery store because they are very well-made and very sturdy. So you don’t have to fuss with trying to keep your bag open while you scan items. I love that I can place all my veggies and produce in my shopping tote without having to use plastic bags. One can get multiple benefits out of this tote since it is quite durable and can travel to more places than just the grocery store.

  27. Only used the shopping bags a couple of times. They are easy to open and fold. I have not put much weight in them yet so I do not know how well they will hold up but I am optimistic. The tab that you pull on the bottom to ope the bag is gray and blends in so it is hard to find. I got a bright orange ribbon and tied in the loop to make it easier to find. At least they stay open when you are filling them.

  28. I have used these bags for years. They are perfect for when I need to take 1/2 gallons of milk to work which is 4 cartons a week. They all fit inside and keep my milk cool until I get to work (about a 30 minute drive). Some weeks I need to take ice and milk, which I use a container and then take two cartons of milk. The ice doesn’t melt. I have had one bag tear on the inside, after it was about two years old. For as often as I use these bags that was very impressive to me. They have held up nicely for me. The handles have never broken and I carry a lot in them. I use them a lot for groceries too for keeping my cold stuff cold. I would highly recommend them.

  29. These save so much time with groceries, especially when bringing groceries in from the car and putting them away. The insulated grocery bag provides peace of mind for colder goods. The handles help the bags fit well in a shopping cart. The bags are durable and can carry many groceries at one time. The bags roll up together in a small column for easy storage. We use this purchase every week at Publix, and always get at least one comment from other shoppers or cashiers asking where they can buy their own, too.

  30. Ten cents per bag adds up for groceries! So I bought this to help off set the costs… and lessen my chances of getting kidnapped in the parking lot. Lol. It also helped during the dark days of limited bag availability. Like being caught with your pants down, two logs deep, and no toilet paper.I use this literally every week for groceries. The three bags fit all my groceries wonderfully. It’s very easy to prep my bags in the cart while checking out, put them in my car, and drive away (after returning the cart of course…I’m not a heathen). If I know I only need a handful of items, I can just grab the bag I need and be in n’ out.The cashiers and baggers tell me they like them too. Sometime it saves time grabbing a new bag during a rush, as all people with dry hands at self checkout know.

  31. These are great bags. My bags get heavy use as I deliver groceries full-time. They last about nine months to a year before I need to replace them.

  32. These, like any quality reusable grocery bag, are great because they hold more than the wimpy plastic or paper sacks.The insulated bag is a nice touch along with some of the extra pockets.The only issue I have run into is the fact that the rods are not long enough for large grocery carts. If you shop at Sam’s or Costco where they don’t have bags (main reason I bought this), these rods wont reach across the entire cart, so it is a little awkward trying to use them at those stores. They fit all the other smaller store carts just fine.

  33. They are too small for these carts. Otherwise, I really love these. Great size, heavy duty, and less trips to the car to unload.

  34. The container was able to hold 12 food trays and was sturdy. It also cleans up nicely- two tests spilled and the cleanup was really easy(warm soap and water on a cloth did the trick- leaving no mess or lingering odor. The handles didn’t break the seam and the food stayed warm for the hour that I had to travel. I’m not sure if it lasts longer, but I didn’t test it. If you’re looking for something to carry multiple trays of food easily, this is great.

  35. I just used these bags for the first time for my weekly grocery shopping and it’s very convenient, specially when you get home. Luckily my husband was getting home at the same time as me and in just one trip we unloaded the groceries from the car to our house. I confess I struggled a little bit in the store to place all the item in the bags but then I realized that the little compartments grocery carts have (where you put your kids) needs to remain closed so the bags fit perfectly in the cart. I really like it and will continue to use it in my weekly shopping.

  36. Wish was bigger. Doesn’t seem to hold as much

  37. These are nice quality bags. My only issue is the zipper does not zip up all the way smoothly, it gets a bit stuck at the corners and you have to jiggle it a bit at each corner to get it unstuck. Otherwise, great bags.

  38. I bought this to be a dough proofer, and it’s working well for it. It holds a cooling rack, a heat pad, a half sheet pan or 6 quart mixing bowl, and a cup of boiling water with a bit of room to spare. Also, it holds a consistent 80°f even with the power cord hanging out of the top and my house’s ambient temperature at 65°f. I would imagine it’s great for its intended use as well.

  39. I deliver for doordash so I I wanted a bag the insulate my deliveries I thought this was more going to be like a pizza bag but I was wrong this is like a cooler size bag it works good it’s well built it was way too big for my niece though

  40. These don’t work in all carts & depending on how much you are getting, you may need to carry your purse, as the baby seat spot van take up valuable space that the bags need.

  41. I absolutely love this grocery organizer. I love that one is a cooler and I can put all my fridge items in it. The bags are large and fit the whole grocery cart well. It’s nice that I can organize all my groceries so that when I come home it is easy to put things away. This busy mom of 4 really appreciates this! I also really enjoy having the LOTUS produce bags. I feel good not having to use tons of plastic bags plus this system is efficient and cute:)

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    Patricia A. Cacioppo May 20, 2023 at 12:00 am

    These bags are a very good value and much larger than you may expect. I purchased them to carry meat to wolves at a non profit sanctuary I work for: They keep the food secure and cool in my almost 2 hour drive. I was able to put 20 pounds of meat in one bag.Thank you

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