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Crappy Review Of the Shark Dyson AirWrap Dupe?It is $330 Less!

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dyson airwrap dupe

Does it live up to to the hype? You tell me!

Giving it to you straight about this Shark Dyson AirWrap Dupe.

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The Best Dyson Air Wrap Dupe?

In this review, we take a look at the Shark Dyson AirWrap Dupe. You may have heard about this hair styling tool that is trending on TikTok and youtube and are curious to know more, or you may be looking for a hair styler to buy. Either way, we’re here to give it to you straight on whether or not this is a good deal and overall product.

I don't know about you but I am not ready to shell out $599 for a hair tool.

shark dyson dupe

I have been dying to try out the new air drying tool, Dyson Airwrap. I tried to get one all year but they were never in stock and the price truly held me back, it did not feel like a smart purchase.

If you have been on the internet at all this year you've probably seen these videos too. They claim that it can dry and style your hair with no heat damage, which is pretty impressive. The only drawback is the HUGE price tag! I don't know about you but I am not ready to shell out $599 for a hair tool.

Luckily there are affordable alternatives like the Shark Flexstyler Dupe that cost $330 less than what you would pay for this new Dyson Wrap product and actually do a better job at drying my hair because of its multiple attachments.

Here's how it holds up in comparison:

As soon as I saw the Shark Flexstyler being advertised as a dupe for the Dyson Airwrap I knew that I had to get my hands on one!

And let me tell you ladies….. it does NOT disappoint!

dyson airwrap dupe

The attachments are all high quality and can be used with little heat damage. The styler employs powerful airflow, straightening & smoothing your hair while adding volume & bounce…all at once!

It comes with 2 curlers to curl in different directions which is really helpful if you have longer hair like me. The oval brush smooths, de-frizzes, and adds volume & bounce while delivering powerful airflow.


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The Shark FlexStyler Has Tons of Attachments, Unlike the Dyson Air Wrap

dyson wrap dupe

Simply; you're getting more for your money.

The Shark FlexStyler comes in a really nice box and the product itself is really pretty in person. It seems to have the same, and even more parts that the Dyson has but in different colors, lighter weight and for all hair lengths. The attachments are also very nice and seem to be high quality. There are attachments for brush curling, round brush curling, straightening and an air dryer attachment.

The instructions are clear with photos that show you how to use each attachment correctly so it's very easy to get started using this product even if you've never used one before!

The price point is great too! I do recommend watching some Youtube videos on how to use this before diving into it though just so you can see how easy it is 🙂

Our YouTube Video is coming soon. – Check Back!

I have long curly hair that I have been trying so hard lately (and failing) at getting straight again and holding curl. I have never been very succesful with curls holding in my hair for any period of time, usually after 1 hour my hair is flat.

It's been more difficult because now I have lost so much hair this last year, so I am fearful of using heat that will damage it further. I've tried using hot tools such as flat irons etcetera, hot rollers, non heat rollers that you sleep in…. and they were not helpful.

So far I've only tried using this product once but wow was it amazing!! Within minutes my curls were poppin' without feeling like my hair was fried.

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Wrapping Up My Thoughts, Get It “Wrap” (haha)

best dyson air wrap dupe

The Shark Flexstyler is a great product and a total bargain compared to the Dyson AirWrap! It's not only more affordable but also gets your hair looking amazing.

If you are looking for an alternative to the Dyson Airwrap then I highly recommend this one!

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Differences between the Shark Dyson Wrap Dupe and the Original Dyson AirWrap?

Bottom Line
New Dyson Airwrap 2022 2023
Dyson Air Wrap
Beautiful But Overpriced
Check Prices
Bottom Line
You're Paying for the Brand Name.
“Dyson” Name
Has been out longer
Free Shipping
Free 2 Year Warranty
Money Back Guarantee
Dyson Will Price Match
Allure Best of Beauty Award 2022
$330 More than the Shark
Made for only Chest length to Long hair
Made for only curly/coily hair.
shark air styler, airwrap dupe air wrap dupe
Shark FlexStyler
Our Choice
Check Prices
Bottom Line
More Attachments, Better Price, Same Styling Goals Reached.
$330 Less than the Dyson Air
Made for all hair lengths:
Short, Long, Medium
Made for ALL hair types: straight, Wavy, curly, and coily hair.
Free Shipping
Free 2 Year Warranty
Money Back Guarantee
Doesn't have the travel case, but is that worth $330 more? No.

Simply it's the Best Dyson Air Wrap Dupe

xoxo, Randi

Randi is a Psychotherapist, Shopaholic and has couponed for 15 years!
Her passion is helping people understand how to Live Well for Less. She's also former plus size 22, fashion and beauty lover, who has struggled with finding fashion for her body type and size most of her life. Now currently a size 2 she tries to find inclusive brands and outfit styles that make all women feel comfortable and confident.
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Randi Owsley

Randi Owsley

Randi is your deal loving shopping BFF. She is also a licensed psychotherapist, shopaholic, podcast host and the ultimate deal hunter. Randi is all about helping you spend less and helping you find more of what you love while saving on the way!

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