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Samsonite Travel Cubes With Compression

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Samsonite Compression Packing Bags, Clear, 12-Piece Kit Contains: 2-Pouch/4-Carry-On/4-Large/2-X-Large



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Samsonite Travel Cubes With Compression
Samsonite Travel Cubes With Compression
Randi Owsley

Randi Owsley

Randi is your deal loving shopping BFF. She is also a licensed psychotherapist, shopaholic, podcast host and the ultimate deal hunter. Randi is all about helping you spend less and helping you find more of what you love while saving on the way!

  1. I got these in pink to match my Bagsmart carry on tote bag I got last year. I loved that bag so I figured I’d try their compression packing cubes! I just did a trial run on them and the small one fit 5 pair of socks, 4 pair of swim trunks & 6 pair of mens boxers! (That was the closest and easiest items I had to grab 🤣) I’m not using these to pack more, I just don’t want my suitcase over flowing. We do carry on only because I’m not taking a chance of losing my luggage 😟 that would be a nightmare 🙈 They seemed to hold up really well considering I stuffed so much in them and zipped them up. Zipper and fabric seem sturdy. Can’t wait to use them next month on our trip to Playa Mujeres 🏝 I feel like these are definitely worth the price. I really like the sizes they came with too!

  2. While this is not a vacuum compression packing system, the cubes are lightweight enough that if you overpack the cube it will squeeze down the contents. And the mesh front allows you to see what’s in there. No more rummaging through the entire contents of my suitcase and disrupting everything in there to locate items. Cubes allowed me to coordinate types of clothing together and quickly locate & remove.(shirts and sweaters in one, shorts and pants in another, undergarments and socks in the smaller size, etc.) The plastic make up bags in two sizes were marked carry-on approved, but the large one is not TSA quart size approved which could be a little misleading to people who do not travel often However, the plastic is very durable and the zippers are heavy duty. I would consider purchasing extraof these if available, due to the quality. I am completely satisfied and would choose this brand again but they appear to be so durable I believe they’ll last a long time. I chose the pink which is very bright and happy but would have liked a taupe or a soft gray which were not available. A great product at a great value. And anything that can help reduce travel stress is definitely a plus!

  3. I LOVE my packing cube set! These are awesome for traveling and maintaining organization on the go. I traveled to Europe for 2 weeks and used every piece of this 8 piece cube set split between a carry-on suitcase and a checked suitcase. They are light weight (I packed all the fashionable items I wanted for Paris and STILL came in substantially under the 50 lb weight limit). But for me, truly, I loved how much I was able to fit but keep my luggage from exploding clothes everywhere. I also love that they have handles and mesh tops to see through. We never spent more than a few days in each location, but I appreciate unpacking my suitcase wherever I go. Since my cubes were organized mostly by item types, it was easy to unpack by simply removing my cube and popping the whole cube into a shelf or a drawer. Also, I fit 3 pairs of shoes in the shoe bag. 2 pairs of flatter-ish shoes (Rothys sneakers and platform sandals) in the main compartment and a pair of flip flops in the mesh lid pocket. You guys, this was the best purchases I made in prep for my trip!

  4. These travel compression cubes helped me pack all of my clothes for a weeklong trip into my carry-on, but I still needed an extra bag for toiletries. I was really hoping the bags would better compress some of lighter weight items, like swimsuits and undergarments, but not sure it made too much of a difference.I like the pockets on the bags with the included cards to label what’s in the bags. That’s a great feature!I’m not too sure about the quality of the bags because the seems on some of them seemed to be pulling more than they should. This was on some that had less in them than others, so it was just with two of the bags. They ended up holding up for my trip, but cannot speak to long term quality.

  5. This is a fantastic set of travel cubes. It’s my first set, and I’ll continue to use them when I travel. I also use them for camping since space is limited. I love that there are different sizes, so I can distinguish types of clothes into different cubes. So, not only are they great for packing, but they are ideal for any destination where unpacking is limited. My clothes stay organized when I can’t really unpack. When not in use, they take up very little space. The bags themselves also have a mesh side, so clothes are always ventilated. Lastly, zippers are solid. A+ from me!

  6. I’ve always been skeptical of how well compressions cubes would really help with space in my suitcase. I’m a horrible packer. I tried these bags for a 9-day trip and almost had everything packed in a carry-on. I always travel with the largest suitcase an airline will allow. These bags hold a lot and compressed them with the use of the second zipper. For my return trip, I just used one bag for clean items and another for dirty clothes. They held up well for my trip. My clothes weren’t too wrinkled and a little Downy Wrinkle Release helped with that. Definitely recommend these compression bags for traveling!

  7. I got this set of 4 compression packing cubes for one thing… to try to compress my body pillow down so I can bring it in my suitcase! My autoimmune arthritis has made sleeping in hotel beds less comfortable, and I know sleeping as well as I can is important. I need my body pillow! I picked this set because I was hoping the largest size would work, and I liked the color for the price. It works!! I can easily get my pillow in the large cube. I cannot easily finish the compression zipper, though… my teen daughter can get it for me, lol! It actually works in my carry-on without being compressed, but getting the compression zipper closed all the way around does give me more room in my bags. Either way, it’s awesome and I’m so happy to have it! My other child has claimed a smaller bag to fit a comfy blanket in luggage, too, and I’m sure we’ll find uses for the other two bags we got. They have held up well now for 4 trips and I’m grateful!

  8. These are awesome! Make packing a breeze and seem to be durable. I was able to fit so much in them and the zippers seem strong… held up for 2 months on a long a road trip.

  9. I bought the compression cubes for a safari trip where our luggage needed to be in a soft sided duffel bag. Overall I was very happy with how it kept my luggage organized and the labeling system was great. When we got to some of the lodges and hotels, I was glad for the zippers that kept any spiders or other insects from crawling into my clothes. I don’t think I overpacked one of the 14″x10″ cubes but when I was unpacking I noticed this rip.

  10. I was so happy with these that I ended up buying 2 more sets. They are perfect. Even full, I can still zip the compressions zipper. But I also like the option to overfill them and leave them uncompressed. They are flexible, yet hold their shape. The medium holds one day of summer clothes for 4 people and can still compress down. You can fit in summer pajamas in addition to the clothes also if you don’t compress it. The small ones are good for bathing suits/underwear etc. A great purchase!

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    Jefferson_Starships8 August 13, 2022 at 12:00 am

    I’ve never packed with cubes but a friend suggested I do. They’re roomy as it seems they’ll be able to hold a lot to then zip down and compress. Looking forward to using these on my upcoming trip. Love the double opening wet/dry bag that comes with it. They seem pretty durable. Maybe I’ll update with how much I can pack using these as I’m only taking a carry-on for 5 day trip.

  12. These are great for packing on a trip and since they compress they will fit nicely in a backpack if you were to go hiking or on an outing and needed to shrink clothing for more space. I really like them more than my original packing cubes that don’t compress. I packed bathing suits and a couple of dresses for my vacation so I didn’t have any wrinkles however, in my opinion I think that has to do with how you fold or roll your clothes. Sorry I forgot to take any picks.

  13. I can’t yet speak to durability, but they seem well constructed. This is an experiment for me, never used packing cubes before (OCD about folding and packing neatly) because I felt they would just add a bit more weight and volume. Realized however, that this small disadvantage would be offset by the ability, on a longer trip, to get to things without disturbing neatly folded shirts, etc.Heading off for a few weeks with just a carry on and backpack. We’ll see how it goes.

  14. I hate packing because I always struggle with overpacking. I did overpack on my most recent trip, but you couldn’t really tell because everything was shoved into these packing cubes. I organized by bottoms, tops, underwear/socks, and shoes. I was able to fit about 8 pairs of shorts, one sweatpants, two pair of jeans, a pair of leggings, a pair of bike shorts, and a pair of sweatshirts in the large cube. The medium cube I fit about I would say 15 shirts(variation of tank tops, crop tops, and oversized shirts). This was only a one week vacation and everything remained organized throughout my trip. Dirty clothes I kept in a hamper and then once washed they were shoved back into the respective cube. I didn’t take the laundry bag cause it’s pretty small. I used a large cube, a medium cube, the underwear cube, and the shoe cube and they all fit into a carry on luggage.

  15. There are a lot of compression bags promoted by a lot of “influencers” – I am looking at you “packhacker.com” – but most of them are extremely expensive and does not add any more value in durability or usability than this brand.Compression bags are awesome to save space and to compress your clothing into these cubes – which are stackable. However they are might not work for all types or clothing or for long term travel.Why do I like this brand? Well, I got a lot of bags for the price and they include a bunch of labels to span multiple trips in future.The quality of the bags, zipper held up to 1 month of constant packing/repacking and travel.Loved the small bags – they were perfect to pack 1 change of clothes as carry on while the rest were checked in.The compression bags are deceptive – they compress into a small size and your backpack looks small, so not many people at the checkin counter realize that your backpack may be heavier than what is allowed onboard. ;)This is a must buy / must have for those who like to organize their traveling or trying to fit a lot in small space.Can this be made better? Yes – compression using zipper might not work all the time, as you are trying to your hand to compress all the air out, so you can pull the zipper – always fearing that you might break the zipper.Compress straps that go all the way around the bag will make it much easier / better – when combined with the compression zipper.

  16. I loved these packing cubes. I used them for an international trip recently and my suitcase zipper busted while in baggage claim. Lucky for me, all of my clothes had been organized between the cubes and packed safely into my suitcase, so I had no embarrassment of all of my clothes and items falling all over the place. I can fit plenty of clothes in there, and I chose to roll my clothes up. It also has smaller bags that are great for medicine or makeup. I will not travel without these cubes from now on.

  17. I just got back from a week of motorcycle riding in Nova Scotia. Stayed in different places every night, often camping; always unloading and reloading. Very often I needed to access things on the side of the road. These organizers are the perfect solution to having everything sorted and categorized. No reaching down into one massive bag to find sunscreen, or a phone charger, or dry socks. They also make unloading and reloading the bike a cinch because they stack and pack so neatly into saddlebags and rear pack. My only suggestion for improvement would be to add clear window pockets so I can write what’s inside each bag and slip the card into the pocket for quick reference. otherwise, awesome product!CChalfont, PA

  18. These are very high-quality. I have had other sets that I bought for about half the cost of these and they ripped the first time I used them. They seem very durable have very good zippers and the compression feature is exactly what I was looking for. You won’t go wrong with a set

  19. Absolutely Perfect. These are exactly what I wanted!! Here’s the summary but keep reading if you like juicy details:• Great quality zippers and fabric – I don’t worry about it tearing when I’m zipping the compression (but probably still smart to do so carefully)• LOVE the size options – perfect for organizing by type of clothing and easier to Tetris into luggage than more typical ones• love the little pockets included at the bottom of the smallest cubes – didn’t even know it had those but will come in handy!• it’s easy to be tempted to overfill because it seems so roomy when it’s not compressed, but just remember that the compression feature isn’t magic. But it’s also nice that if you do want to overfill and not compress you can too. Choose your own adventure!I’ve been shopping for compression cubes for months now and had a million different ones sitting in my cart, but was too afraid to commit to a set because I was worried it wouldn’t be THE one. I already have two sets of pretty standard packing cubes but have never really loved them, so if I was going to spend $30+ for something I didn’t really need I wanted to love it!!Well, due to an upcoming trip and me running out of time I was forced to choose one, and these were love at first sight! It has all of the features I wanted and they are great quality. The thing I’ve never liked about my old packing cubes is how big they are, because I always had to mix clothes together that I didn’t want to mix (ie swimsuits with pajamas, shirts with bottoms, etc). It was also a pain to pack because the biggest size alway