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Stoney Clover Dupe Letters

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This contemporary Drawstring Crossbody from No Boundaries is fashionable, functional and a whole lot of fun. The drawstring closure ensures easy access to all your essentials and offers a fresh look too. The crossbody strap can be removed and the front chain detail can double as a handle, giving...

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Stoney Clover Dupe Letters
Stoney Clover Dupe Letters
Randi Owsley

Randi Owsley

Randi is your deal loving shopping BFF. She is also a licensed psychotherapist, shopaholic, podcast host and the ultimate deal hunter. Randi is all about helping you spend less and helping you find more of what you love while saving on the way!

  1. This is the perfect little bag for a purse size first aid kit. The color is exactly what was pictured (kind of a denim blue). All of the interior pockets make it really easy to organize small items (neosporin to go, tide to go, etc) and the large middle section holds way more than you’d think. I am so glad I found this little bag.

  2. Perfect size. It looked bigger in the photos (haha that’s what she said) but it turned out to be perfect

  3. Got these for travel. They are well made. I wish they would make it in other sizes too.

  4. I keep this bag in my purse at all times! Stocked with lipstick, Tylenol, phone charger, nail file, mirror, and all the other stuff that normally lands at the bottom of my purse!

  5. This bag was the absolute perfect size for me to travel with makeup and accessories to get the job done anywhere. I mean come on, it has FREAKING POCKETS 🤯 And it’s under $10. As you can see it still has room for more. I love the water-prood material and style for a wickedly low price 😍 If they sold it in a different color I would buy another to hold other supplies.

  6. I like it! Lots of room, it fits everything I need. I compared it to a regular piece of paper so you can visualize the size of it.

  7. This was perfect for bridesmaid gifts! I used iron on vinyl to make them personalized. (This is how I did it as a suggestion only, results can vary: Iron or Cricut Easy Press at 280°. Place on ironing board with a thin kitchen rag or pot holder on the inside for extra support. Put parchment paper over the top as not to burn the bag and put iron/easy press on top of it for 30 seconds. Remove parchment paper. Place your iron on vinyl, put parchment paper back over it, place iron/easy press on top of parchment paper for 30 seconds. Take off parchment paper and the iron on plastic. Take the towel/pot holder from the inside and put it on top of the iron on and place the parchment paper on top of that, let it sit for another 30 seconds. Place bag to the side and let cool.)The girls are going to love them!

  8. Fabulous! You can SEE what is inside ( like a plastic bag)- With Elegance :)- and unlike plastic bags – Contents get “ air” Love them the quality? Is Excellent!( I am a sewer and notice badseams zippers etc)

  9. I’m a big purse type of person, so I needed something to keep my items separated in my bag. These were perfect. The variety of sizes is awesome. They are sturdy and just see-through enough for me to quickly grab the things I need. I am going to buy them again for my travel and makeup bags. So versatile and better quality than expected for the price.

  10. These bags are great, the zipper is perfect, dont get stuck or split. The bags are the perfect size, I thought there was 8, 4 of each size, but I must have read it wrong. No biggie though. I am really happy I went with these. I needed them to separate things in my laptop bag. I will use the remaining bags to carry all in my purse as well. I am really happy with these bags. They are thick, doesnt seem like they will rip or fray, Im sure like with anything if your rough with it they will break. I am not rough with my stuff so Im not worried. Good purchase in my opinion. Will order more for sure.

  11. Bought it for my car’s manual and the larger bag fits everything perfectly. I like that it’s clear so I can see all of my documents. It fits 9”x11” paper folded in half.Im also using the smaller bag as an “emergency kit” for all my lady needs and it works perfectly!The materials feel good and are good quality. These should last for a long time, great buy!

  12. Received today. No stains or discoloration as some reviews. Zippers work great. Also ordered pink set and they were fine also. Can’t wait to start using them. Very pleased.

  13. I was not expecting this bag to be as big as it is, but I love it! I don’t have a lot of makeup at all, but the bag I had my things in was getting cramped since I’ve started to get a few things here and there. The bag I had it in fits in this bag lol. I took a picture of 2 diff phone cases on it to give an idea of the size (iPhone 11 Pro Max case and iPhone 8 Plus case). The quality is nice. If I run into any issues I will later update this. I def recommend this if you are looking for something to keep your makeup at home, or on the go. I got the large size.Shipping was also a really good time, received it 4 days after ordering (no Prime or expedited shipping).

  14. This makeup bag has exceeded my expectations in every way. The zipper is of great quality, and I love how it unzips to the bottom of the bag allowing me to see everything in the bag without the sides toppling over. The large inside pocket is great for brushes, and the three smaller pockets are deep enough to hold eyeliners/mascaras but also able to fit lipsticks, too. I’ve washed it once, and there is a little stain (foundation) left after washing, but still looks great. I recently used this bag on vacation and was able to fit all of my makeup and toiletries in one bag, and everything stayed organized. Highly recommend this bag!

  15. I was tired of trying to fit my diabetic kit supplies into a tiny bag, and was looking for a larger bag with holders for everything. This is one is the bee’s knees. It has a large center area. Along both sides are compartments. The best feature for me were the smaller large llipstick size holders – they fit a cannister of test strips perfectly , the smaller one fits my lancing device, and the larger one fits my meter. Nothing rolls around. It is always where it should be and so handy. No more searching for items. This opens all the way up and can even lie flat – giving a nice clean surface to test wherever you are. It is roomy enough to keep a packaged snack, some tissues , wipes, extra supplies. Everything all tidy and easy to find. One less hassle

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