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This Car Organizer Is a Fan Favorite — and It’s on Sale for $18 at Amazon!

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The best-selling Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer has earned rave reviews from shoppers who love how this storage compartment makes life on the go so much easier.

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Reviewers call this car organizer “a must-have” if you have kids.

Lusso Gear’s Car Seat Organizer is exactly what its name suggests: a nine-compartment organizer that keeps your car clutter-free. — It's the ideal tool for any commuter, traveler or soccer parent.

One shopper says that this catchall bin is “something that should be mandatory if you have small passengers in your car—it's the perfect way to keep toys, snacks, and various knick-knacks off the floor”.eYou can store games, art supplies, baby wipes and diapers in this lightweight organizer.

Lusso Gear recommends using the Car Caddy as a place to keep on-the-go essentials, like sunglasses, sunscreen, maps—and of course car documents and emergency flashlights.

A shopper who noted they don't have children but still loved it and said “it's great for road trips” and holds books, tablets or drinks. One Amazon customer summed up their experience by saying: “I've bought probably close to 1,000 things on Amazon over the years—never wrote a review though. The fact that I'm writing one now should say it all…this thing is legit.”

The organizer's portable design and foldability are two of its most talked-about features. Dual ergonomic handles make carrying it a breeze, but when not in use the organizer simply folds up—and can be stored under your seat or in your trunk!

Shoppers like that they can clip the side and middle seat belts through the straps on the back of the caddy to keep it from sliding while they're driving. Plus, it comes in five colors— black, gray, tan , brown and black with red stitching .

This simple-looking car seat organizer could be a game changer. Grab one while they're on sale at Amazon, and you'll never travel without it again.

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This Car Organizer Is a Fan Favorite — and It’s on Sale for $18 at Amazon!
This Car Organizer Is a Fan Favorite — and It’s on Sale for $18 at Amazon!
18.65 31.95
Randi Owsley

Randi Owsley

Randi is your deal loving shopping BFF. She is also a licensed psychotherapist, shopaholic, podcast host and the ultimate deal hunter. Randi is all about helping you spend less and helping you find more of what you love while saving on the way!

  1. This car organizer worked great on a road with my two kids. It helped to separate them some while providing additional space for their things. It is fairly sturdy and made it through our trip without any damage. The ability to hold it in place with a seatbelt it great as well as the option to keep it open with a buckle around the headrest. I would say my only complaint is figuring out how to fold it back up for storage until our next road trip.

  2. I wanted something to hold my 60oz Hydroflask in the front passenger seat. To make room for the Hydroflask, I used a seam ripper to remove the insulated beverage compartment-came out easy and did not damage either the rest of the bag or the compartment. I also added a longer strap by pinning a longer piece of the strap material (sold in small amounts at fabric stores or here on Amazon) to the existing strap and then ran that through the clasp so I can have it sit on the front seat.I am also very sensitive to smells and this had only a slight smell that went completely away after 3 days of being in the hot sun for a few hours. The packages from Amazon and whatever their probably toxic disinfecting spray is smelled stronger than the car seat organizer did.

  3. I love this bag because it keeps me organized. Sturdy and perfect compartments that I stuff everything into all those pockets. I’m a visiting nurse and have all kinds of medical gadgets That I don’t want to bring into every home. So this is my little storage area in my car and I love it. I can grab things as I need them. Don’t know what I did without this all these years.

  4. This one is the largest car seat organizer I could find, and it’s still too small. I spent considerable time searching online (amazon and elsewhere) and discovered that car organizers are either huge monsters for the trunk/cargo area and won’t fit in a car seat, or they are supposed to be for car seats, but are too narrow and waste space.I got this because I need it for a road trip, and it’s better than nothing, but the minute I see someone make a wider organizer that still fits in the seat, I will buy it and donate this one.The pictures are of the car organizer in the front passenger seat of my Toyota Highlander. As you can see from the pictures, the organizer could have easily been 3″ wider–and that size would also work for smaller cars. It’s ridiculous that all of these organizers are only 10″ wide!Other pros and cons:Pros:Installs easilyGood quality material that cleans easilyApparently good construction–don’t expect seams to pull outGood design with pockets, etc.The length is excellent.Cons:When installed with the seatbelt, the organizer pulls up and away from the seat leaving 2″ gaps. This makes it less sturdy/durable because of movement and lack of support. It’s made for lightweight snacks and light items.Too Narrow!!!! Because it’s so narrow, it will not hold an average-sized purse widthwise. If you want to put a purse in it, you have to take out the divider and put the purse in lengthwise, which means there’s little room for much else, and no way to use the divider. Who makes an organizer that doesn’t fit a small to average purse?! If it were 2-3″ wider, it would fit a purse widthwise and you could still use the divider!There’s only one place to locate the divider–needs 2-3 divider location options.PLEASE!! Someone make a car seat organizer wider than 10″! Make it at least 12-13″!

  5. It’s great but it could be better. It definitely fits well as the middle seat console and I put bottled waters in it so that they’re easily reachable and it doubles as a console for people in the backseat to put their arms on. The only thing is the top is floppy so when there’s not that many waters in it, it just folds inwards. I wish the top would be more enclosing

  6. I use this everyday, I love it

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