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Women’s Travel Cubes for Packing 35% Off Now $17 was $27 on Amazon

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Favorite Women's Travel Cubes for Packing

6 Set Of Various Colored Packing Cubes In 4 Sizes Extra Large Large Medium Small Veken Packing Cubes For Travel Accessories Travel Essentials Luggage Organizer Bags For Carry On Suitcases

Are you tired of packing your suitcase haphazardly and struggling to find what you need when you arrive at your destination? The Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes for Travel may be the solution you've been looking for.

6 Set Of Various Colored Packing Cubes In 4 Sizes Extra Large Large Medium Small Veken Packing Cubes For Travel Accessories Travel Essentials Luggage Organizer Bags For Carry On Suitcases 2

These packing cubes come in a set of six, with each cube in a different size to accommodate all of your travel essentials. The cubes are made of high-quality nylon fabric that is both lightweight and durable, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of travel. The zippers are also high-quality, ensuring they won't break or get stuck during use.

How To Pack Easier

One of the best features of these packing cubes is their ability to keep your items organized and easy to find. Each cube has a mesh panel that allows you to see what's inside, so you don't have to dig through your entire suitcase to find what you need. The cubes are also great for separating clean and dirty clothes, or for organizing items by type (such as toiletries, electronics, or shoes).

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Comparison Of The Packing Cube Sizes

Another great feature of these packing cubes is their versatility. They can be used for a variety of travel purposes, including backpacking, camping, and business travel. They are also great for storing items in your home, such as seasonal clothing or extra linens.

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See What You Can Fit Into Each Packing Cube!

In addition to their practicality, these packing cubes are also stylish. They come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, gray, and pink, so you can choose the color that best suits your style.

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The Packing Cubes Can Fit Into Almost Any Sized Suitcase.

Overall, the Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes for Travel are a great investment for anyone who wants to make packing and traveling easier and more organized. They are affordable, durable, and versatile, making them a must-have for any traveler.

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Women’s Travel Cubes for Packing 35% Off Now $17 was $27 on Amazon
Women’s Travel Cubes for Packing 35% Off Now $17 was $27 on Amazon
$19.99 $26.29
Randi Owsley

Randi Owsley

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  1. The media could not be loaded.  I am going to Hawaii in a week and I have been wanting to buy a set of packing cubes for a while so I was excited to get these in the mail. I was actually very surprised to see what I got for around $20 bucks, I don’t even think that I will be able to fill all the packs with my clothes for my trip. The instructions include suggestions on how to fold your clothes for optimal packing which is helpful but I have found that rolling your garments as small as possible works best, at least in my case. The thing I like the most about the packing cubes is that it allows me to keep my belongings organized in my suitcase, which is why they were invented I suppose. These packing cubes are made well with strong zippers and viewing windows to see what is packed inside. If you are planning a trip soon and hate to pack, I would recommend you order a set of these Veken packing cubes, You won’t regret it.

  2. These packing cubes are great! I loved how they came packages together. The shoe and laundry bags are a bonus. The shoe bag is good for about 2 pairs of flats or low heels. Laundry bag is good for intimates as it is a bit small but that is what I would use it for anyway. The cubes are bigger than they look. I was able to pack, ok if I’m honest over pack, a lot of clothes. I used them for a 10 day trip. I still had room in a couple of them. I like how there are little pics of clothing for the intended use of the cube. The cubes seem pretty durable. There are 2 zippers so you don’t have to search for 1. There is a little mesh window to help clothes breathe. At first I didnt think bbn I was going to have enough cubes but this set is plenty! I had purchased some really cheap packing cubes a few years ago that served the purpose but are not even close to being as nice as these. I’m glad I bought them. If you are thinking about packing cubes you won’t regret these. I bought the black set but wish I had sprung for one of the fun colors.

  3. These are perfect for organized travel! Good quality (no issues with material or zippers). They fit way more than you would think, I can fit five outfits in the medium cube, and still have room for more. I’m sure they won’t fit quite as much in the winter given that my winter clothes take up a good deal more space, but I think I could still manage three outfits in that bag.So here’s a run down of what fits, keeping in mind that I wear a small-medium… *Large- 12 t-shirts and 2 lightweight sweaters, or 12 pairs of shorts. *Medium- 3 tees, 2 tanks, 2 skirts, 2 pairs of shorts *Small- 2 pairs of pants, 2 blouses *Underwear cube- 3 bras, 1 sports bra, 2 bralettes, 10 pairs of underwear *Sock bag- will vary depending on socks, tiny ankle socks you can fit a lot more than I own.. but thick warm knee highs, 2 pairs. *Shoe bag- 1 pair of women’s running shoes (probably up to size 10), or 2 pairs of women’s sandals. I haven’t tried, but I don’t think my husband’s size 13 shoes would fit well.. maybe his sandals but not his sneakers. My size 8 sneakers were a little snug. *Headphone bag- nicely padded, I can easily fit my iPhone, charger, and headphones in it. *Cosmetic bag- great for someone who doesn’t own travel size of everything. It fits a lot of bottles 10-12. Not something I will use often, but great for road trips when it’s ok to overpack and take all of my favorite hair products and lotion! It came with a nice padded case for perfume (oddly shaped or rather large bottles will not fit), and a little clear pouch for makeup brushes (fits 4 large brushes).The suitcase shown in the picture is a standard medium size 23″ suitcase (I think it’s 13″ deep and 19″ wide. With all my clothing cubes stacked in the one side I still have the whole other side to pack all of my shoes and toiletries. These could easily work in a smaller suitcase, being as I’ll still have room extra room in mine.If you want to stay organized while traveling you should definitely buy these!!

  4. These little things are the bomb! I would highly recommend using packing cubes. I always thought they might be just an extra thing to deal with, but let me tell you they helped me so much on my recent trip to Scotland. We were gone for 14 days and had a limited amount of luggage that we could take. In addition we were staying at different places and traveling throughout the country. Separating your items into these little cubes really made me feel like I got more packed into my bag. Who knew something so simple could make such a difference!I would highly recommend using packing cubes. Things were nice and neat and so much more organized. It also made it very easy if you didn’t want to take your entire bag of luggage into one place— if you were just doing an overnight for example. I cannot recommend these enough. They were also very easy to open and close.Great quality that held up and at a great price! Definitely recommend getting these! You won’t be sorry.Also just a disclosure I am not paid to write this review. Sometimes I know when we Are reading through all the reviews, It can be a job within itself trying to determine what is real, what is paid for and what is just flat out fake. So for whatever it’s worth, I’m a real/unpaid purchaser who recommends the product.

  5. My sister travels everywhere and she recommended I purchased these… I have three kids and so I specifically bought them so that I didn’t have to use three separate bags when taking weekend trips. These worked great to keep the kids’ clothes I’m their own separate bags but also within one single bag. I picked the gray because it is a good gender neutral color and it matches my other bags/luggage. I’m really happy with the color, durability, and quality of these packing cubes and would confidently recommend them to others.

  6. I travel a lot and often stay in 2-4 places per trip. One of the inconvenient aspects of it is the shuffling of luggage items. I spend a whole lot of time organizing and reorganizing. Makes me crazy. When I was told about these travel cubes I got so excited and bought them immediately. I used it once so far and noticed they actually help greatly. The initial packing was easier and faster and staying organized while away was easier. Amazing. Everything now has its own place and doesn’t get all jumbled up with everything else. These cubes make it easy and fast to find things also. They are light weight and the little window helps you quickly remember what’s inside. I have a feeling that as time goes on, I’ll find more handy uses for them and maybe buy more! I got the teal and it’s a very bright and refreshing color!I suggest – go for it! For the price, it’s a deal!!

  7. The Good:-Great fit organizing your suitcase-Well designed with good zippers-Good valueThe Bad:-NoneThe Bottom Line:I just used these Veken packing cubes and they really do make packing easier. You can keep underwear, shirts and everything separate. These packing cubes are well designed and didn’t tear when I stuffed them. You will need several sets of you plan on packing for a long trip. Overall, I would recommend these packing cubes if you want to keep your luggage organized.

  8. The media could not be loaded.  I just got this now, material I would say is good. Zipper is not durable but not flimsy/cheap either. Not too picky because it gets the job done. Going to travel next week and will be testing it out!.. may update to see how it is. I will wash it too before I use it. 10/10 recommend ! ..Update: going on my trip and using these bags are awesome! Lots of different sizes for you to choose from. Will be going on two trips so packed for both.. and stuffed them and it works! Have extra space for my carry on so I can put other stuff!! Quality is good because nothing is happening to them. I stuffed it full too.. + I threw them in the washer.Nothing happened. Not sure if it will be bad in the long run..

  9. Arrived with damaged zippers. Product is mixed. One is well made, the rest are flimsy, zippers stick, and most don’t hold their shape, even when full. Sizes fit poorly together in a carryon suitcase, significantly reducing effective space instead of increasing it. Filled, contents spilled out when unzipped due to flimsy construction, and everything got horribly wrinkled because items still shifted.“Laundry bag” is a joke: material is stiffer than the other bags and is maybe big enough for a pair of socks.Cosmetics bag sucks: sides are flimsy, pockets hold maybe one item each (travel sized bottles were too big), organizer insert is stiffer and considerably thicker than the outside bag and the Velcro is awkwardly placed. Pictures showed a TSA approved clear liquids bag fitting, but none of the sized bags worked.

  10. I really like these bags. We have a different set that doesn’t have the see-through mesh on one side and while the mesh perhaps will be more prone to rip open than closed fabric I haven’t had any issue with that yet, and its nice to see the contents of the bags.As far as actual “compression” goes, these can do a little, not a lot. The Zippers are a bit on the flimsy side and don’t give me confidence that they will hold if I actually tried to crank and truly compress a lot of material in there. They do compress stuff a bit. I am able to fit a men’s medium sweatshirt into the smallest bag and thats about as much as I can comfortably stuff it without feeling that I am overstressing the zippers.These help me more with organization of my clothes packing than they do with compressing clothing to fit more in. I really like being able to plan for a long weekend by putting the clothes I need each day into its own bag, each day I can just grab one bag and have what I need to take with me to shower and change into. My backpack or duffel bag stays much more organized and its just easier to deal with clothes on a trip thanks to these.I think one set is about enough for one person for most short trips. So far I have never needed all the bags, three usually does fine for me for a weekend excursion. I’m sure I’ll use all of them on longer trips.Same company also sells a nice toiletry bag and at the time I got a discount ordering both through amazon at the same time, so that was pretty nice.

  11. I used these packing cubes for my recent cruise trip. I never used packing cubes before and really liked these. They kept my things in order, nothing moved, everything stayed neat and organized. They are light weight and they fold up easily when not in use. The only thing I would like is for the material to be a little more sturdy or thicker. I’m not sure how the zippers will hold up after several uses, I’m hoping they will be fine but to me it seemed like the zippers might go off track eventually. I could be wrong but time will tell.

  12. Love these! My husband and I shared this set for our 7 day trip to Greece. I packed 3 pairs of capris and 6 tops in one of the medium cubes. Holds much more than you think it will. Suggest you watch folding video – helped me tremendously.

  13. I always thought , why buy something to put your stuff in separate bags. I was wrong. First of all it made my suit case much more organized and believe it or not I was able to pack more stuff inside there. Each bag can be stuffed with way more than you think and its nice to separate your clothes from your shoes and underwear. For the price, I say buy some and try them, I think you will find that using packing cubes is very handy for keeping track of your items and way easier to sort your stuff when you get to your destination. Happy Vacation!

  14. These packing cubes made my traveling life so easy! We recently went to DC and used them for the first time. I love that I knew where everything was because I packed my undies in one cube, my tops, pants and toiletries in others. Unpacking meant removing the packed cubes to shelves. They are very lightweight and thin so be careful not to snag the fabric.

  15. I will never travel without using compression cubes again! The zippers are sturdy enabling me to get 4 jeans and 2 shirts in the same cube. I wear size 14 so my clothes take up ample space in a suit case. One warning: Since I still had room in my suitcase I thought it meant I could pack more. I was glad I had my luggage scale so I knew to stop at 50 pounds!

  16. The media could not be loaded.  Material is SUPER thin. I don’t see these bags lasting more than a couple of trips before they start ripping and coming undone. I ordered two sets. The set i ordered for my daughter seems slightly thicker than mine, and hers was packaged better than mine. Both colors I ordered were pictured with a design on them, however we’ve received solid colors. Would have chosen different colors if I knew they weren’t going to be as pictured.Update: I used these for my first trip and despite the thinness, they came in handy and held up. They store a lot more than I thought they woud. They kept me organized and allowed me to quick access to what I needed without having to rummage through my luggage with a lot of loose items. I will put them to the test again this weekend on a cruise and will update as needed.2nd update: Used them again for a week long cruise and they surprised me again. Held up with no issues again. They really do pack a lot.

  17. Sounds weird but having these makes more room in your suitcase! I hate waiting in long lines to check in my suitcase before a flight. So using these for a carry on comes in handy! I’m able to pack up at least almost 10 days worth of clothes as well as toiletries for a trip! Great idea!

  18. These bags were a lifesaver for a 3 week trip to Zambia. Of course they didn’t reduce the weight of my items, but they SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the amount of space. For reference, in the smallest bag in this set, I was able to fit 15 pairs of underwear and 15 pairs of socks. In the mid-size bag I zipped up 15-20 shirts, and the largest bag fit multiple pairs of jeans, pants, and leggings. I’m also plus-size, so my items aren’t small. These bags are high quality, super lightweight, and I loved the color combination. I highly recommend this product!

  19. Believe me at first I was skeptical, because is was like what could be the differece…. Oh God you need to Join this new form of travel xD.You can really pack more clothes, and it won’t be a mess looking for your clothes, because everything is super easy to access and dont have the stress to pack everything again before the flight/travel because it would be organizeAnd let me tell you that curiously you can even pack more things, since everything is so well folded and organized you have more space. I even stopped traveling with large suitcases, because with a carry-on suitcase and a backpack, everything fits perfectly.And believe me as a woman I pack ALL my makeup, dresses, winter clothes , shoes etc etc etc/So save yourself those 35-45 dollars, with this

  20. I have three sets of packing cubes, each from different sellers/ makers when we first started our van life journey. These are BY FAR my favorites. The fabric quality is very high – they are thick and durable, the stitching is solid, and the frosted plastic front is flexible, not brittle, so it doesn’t get scratched or torn. But by FAR the star of the show is the zipper. The zippers on both our other sets have had some trouble ranging from annoying to destroyed, but not these guys. They slide along smooth as you please, and it’s been almost two years. I even recently flew via Frontier and of course I wasn’t paying for luggage – so I took the largest one of these packing cubes, packed it with items and a smaller one of the cubes, and slid it into my tote bag as my personal item. Worked like a charm and packed two weeks of clothes and other items with no issue. If you’re looking for an excellent set of packing cubes, these guys are perfect.

  21. These are a clever idea for those who travel with family or in groups with shared luggage. You designate a couple of them to each member and they help keep everything organized. No more mixing of clothing.So far these have been used only a couple of times in the last 6 months, so time will tell how they hold up.Pros- Very lightweight, so they don’t add anything significant to the luggage weight- Translucent, so you can tell what’s inside without having to open them- Different sizes for different type of clothing or travel essentialsCons- The only thing I can think of is the zipper does feel kind of light, so be gentle with it. It hasn’t broken for me, but it’s been only used on a couple of trips.- Maybe a tad bit too pricey for what they are but it’s a great way to keep things organized when you travel

  22. I first started using packing cubes about three years ago. They help you organize your clothes for an extended trip. The Bagail packing cubes come in a variety of sizes. There is also a bag for dirty laundry. I have found that I pack smarter and better when using these. The cost is very reasonable. Using packing cubes will help you organize your clothes, and you can easily pull out one of the cubes to get a particular item that you need. I highly recommend these.

  23. These packing cubes were just what I was looking for. The different sizes were perfect for packing for my Thanksgiving trip. The zippers are very easy to zip and I really like the handles on the larger bags for easier carrying to the bathroom to make getting ready easier. These are the first packing cubes I’ve owned, and I’ll never travel again without them.

  24. I bought this to travel to Europe and it was fantastic! I use it now all the time. It keeps everything organized and easy to find! I bought a set for my husband also and he also loves it. Best thing I’ve purchased all year for useability! Will definitely buy more for gifts!

  25. Where have these bags been all my life?! Each bag has pictures of what would fit inside. I used these as guides while packing. Everything fit in nicely. Placing them inside my suitcase was a breeze. When I arrived at my destination I found everything as I had packed it and best of all there were no wrinkles! The shoebag held 2-3 pair of shoes. My young grandson found that it held all his little toys while staying in a hotel. I’m ordering another set for my husband. No more messy suitcases!

  26. I plan on sharing this suitcase with my boyfriend and I tested out one side with his things. It comfortably fit 8 tshirts, 3 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of sweat pants, hiking pants, swim trunks, 7 socks and 7 underwear, a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of Chacos. I was very impressed that both pair of size 12 mens shoes fit in the shoe bag. There’s plenty of room for more too and I didn’t even use one of the medium sized bags. I plan on getting another set for me.

  27. I just returned from a long international vacation and these packing cubes performed exceptionally well. I was able to pack my clothes & accessories in a very organized way. Was surprised at how strong and durable the cubes are, packed my heavy jeans and trousers in the larger cube and it didn’t rip. It also helped me to not overpack, like bring things I really didn’t need. I used the shoe-bag for my dirty laundry & not mix them with clean clothes. I would definitely recommend these packing cubes to other travelers. I am getting ready for another trip at Xmas and can’t wait to use my packing bags again.

  28. I travel extensively for business and have used packing cubes in the past which are great for organization but don’t save much room. The compression cubes advertise being able to get a week’s worth of clothes in a carry on…well I hade a tough time getting a week’s worth into the compression cubes to place in a large suitcase for a cruise. What is on my bed in the picture is what I could not fit into the compression cubes. You can only fill a little over 1/2 way in order for the compression zipper to close all the way around. If you overfill, they simply become a packing cube which can be fine if your goal is more to organize than to try to get more into your luggage.I found it difficult to get my husband’s clothes in these, I feel the compression cubes may be better suited for business travel (only a few days anyway) or travel with small children. Where I was able to use them they did save some space, can allow wrinkles to set it which is an issue on a cruise ship where you cannot have an iron in your room.Suggestion to manufacturer: rather that the rapid speed video you offer to show how the suitcase is packed, provide some step by step photos of how you are rolling/folding clothing when placing them properly in the compression cubes would be more helpful.

  29. I ended up buying 3 sets of these in 3 different shades of blue for a 4 month long overseas trip, using all but one small bag plus one shoe bag. I’m glad they give you little heavy paper things which you write (in pencil) what is in each bag. Then place that paper into a see-thru, plastic slot. You now know exactly what’s in each bag. The bigger, bulkier things like sweaters/jumpers or jackets went into the large or medium sizes. Blouses and t-shirts went into the small size, although I may have put a blouse in with a particular jacket in the medium size to help fill it up and to keep the two items together. This is a lovely idea, and now I’ve packed way to much clothing. My suitcase is 56 pounds! Plus I have a duffle bag at about 20 pounds, and a carry-on suitcase at 20-25#. Clothes are spread amongst all bags in case they get lost in transition.

  30. I bought these for an upcoming 15 day international cruise. Wow was I pleasantly surprised. For the price I didn’t expect a whole lot, but I’m very happy with my purchase. Clothing articles were able to be divided up so I can easily put my hand on jeans or PJ’s or shirts without destroying the entire suitcase. I went with the flamingo print and love it. I really like that there is also a matching bag for dirty clothes so they aren’t thrown in with all the clean clothes. They seem well made and sturdy enough. If you want a better quality, spend a little more. These are my first set of packing cubes and wasn’t sure how I was going to like them so I went with the lesser expensive cubes. They sent more cubes than I probably need.

  31. Do yourself a favor and buy these travel cubes. I have never used cubes in the past but I have seen them gain popularity online. I purchased them for an 11 day trip and they did not disappoint.The color is beautiful, the quality is amazing and they are easy to clean.Don’t be fooled by the size they really hold a lot of stuff. Be creative when packing like rolling your pants/jeans.I felt extremely organized the entire trip. I never lost anything. I knew exactly which cube had which items in it. My packing and unpacking was a breeze.It was super satisfying seeing the cubes neatly placed in an organized piece of luggage.I will never travel without them again.

  32. these are really nice, great colors, but don’t try to pack too much in, the compression zipper burst for me when on my way home I switched the contents and it was just slightly too full. I shouldn’t have tried to force it, but I did. It still closes, and it’s still usable, I just can’t use the compression feature.FYI, I bought another brand’s highly reviewed compression cubes- Knack- which were twice as expensive. The zipper on them feels a lot more substantial and I didn’t have an issue with overpacking them. But considering that you’re really not supposed to try to compress TOO MUCH stuff, I think the bagsmart bags are a really good value, particularly for the bright colors that stand out against the inside of a dark bag.

  33. The BAGAIL 8 Set Packing Cubes Luggage Packing Organizers for Travel Accessories are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to stay organized while traveling. These packing cubes are made from high-quality, durable materials that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of travel.One of the standout features of these packing cubes is their design. They come in a variety of different sizes, which makes them perfect for packing a wide range of different items. The cubes are also lightweight, which means they won’t add unnecessary weight to your luggage.In terms of functionality, the BAGAIL 8 Set Packing Cubes Luggage Packing Organizers for Travel Accessories do not disappoint. They make it easy to keep your clothes and other items organized and separated, which makes it easier to find what you need when you need it. The cubes also have mesh panels that allow for ventilation, which helps keep your clothes fresh and clean.Another great feature of these packing cubes is their durability. They are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of travel. The cubes are also easy to clean, which makes them ideal for long trips.Overall, the BAGAIL 8 Set Packing Cubes Luggage Packing Organizers for Travel Accessories are a great investment for anyone who wants to stay organized while traveling. They are well-made, functional, and durable, making them a great addition to any traveler’s luggage.

  34. Good quality, spacious and doesn’t add weight to the luggage. These packing cubes allowed me to only bring one carry-on bag each (for me and my husband) to Ireland for a week’s stay. They fit a lot more than I thought. The tag says hand wash, but I put them in garment bags, washed on delicate in cold water, hung to dry and they came it fine. Highly recommend for a weekend away or a longer European trip!

  35. These organizers saved my move and I almost didn’t use them. I was moving cross state in a mini convertible with a 50lb dog, cat and several luggages and miscellaneous needed crap. I got to the hotel and took all the contents of the car out and went from 2 carry-ons, 2 duffel bags and 5 shopping bags of clothes and other stuff, down to one carryon and small duffel bag.I now have comfortable room for my dog and I didn’t have to throw anything away other than unnecessary luggage.I honestly cannot believe how well these bags worked for space saving. I’m sharing this in case anyone else out there has a similar situation and you’re feeling overwhelmed as I did. I told myself, suck it up buttercup, and put in the work. I’m so glad I did!!!

  36. I absolutely love my BAGAIL 8 Set Packing Cubes! These organizers are a game changer for anyone who travels frequently. They make packing and unpacking a breeze, and I no longer have to worry about my clothes getting wrinkled or disorganized in my luggage. The different sizes allow me to easily pack all my essentials and the mesh panels make it easy to identify what’s inside. The material is durable and the zippers are strong, so I know these cubes will last for many trips to come. I highly recommend these packing cubes to anyone who wants to simplify their packing process and stay organized on their travels!

  37. A friend of mine put me onto packing cubes while on a big trip a while back, and I decided to get these to try. They make a huge difference in keeping the suitcase organized!These are probably not the sturdiest fabric, or the most neatly sewn, but they don’t need to be. They’re good enough for keeping items grouped neatly inside the suitcase, and so far they’ve made it through two big trips for me with no problems at all.

  38. Omg! These things have changed my life! I’m such an over packer and trying to learn how to bring a carryon for future trips where I don’t want to pay for checked luggage, and these have helped! I feel like you can pack more and in a carryon. They truly help me stay organized and every item you plan on bringing has a place with these cubes. Get these or some other version of them!

  39. These are not only great b/c packing cubes are seriously the best, but also b/c of the compression feature for these little bad boys. I cannot say that enough— those magic vacuum bags might have a run for their money with these. The set comes with so much stuff, and these are super durable. I had packing cubes in the past that if you tried to stuff to much, the seams would start to rip. Not so with these. Highly recommend.

  40. The 6 Set of Various Colored Packing Cubes in 4 Sizes has been a game-changer for my travel organization. These packing cubes offer a practical and efficient way to neatly pack and categorize my belongings. With four different sizes, I can easily sort and separate my clothes, accessories, and other items.One standout feature of this set is the included laundry bag. It has proven to be incredibly convenient, allowing me to keep my dirty laundry separate from the clean items during my trips. The bag is durable and spacious enough to hold a substantial amount of laundry, making it a fantastic addition to the set.The quality of these packing cubes is excellent, with sturdy zippers and durable fabric that can withstand the rigors of travel. The various colored cubes add a fun touch and make it easy to identify the contents of each cube at a glance. They also help maximize space in my suitcase and keep everything organized throughout my journey.In conclusion, the 6 Set of Various Colored Packing Cubes is a must-have for any traveler. The different sizes accommodate different items, and the included laundry bag adds an extra level of convenience. Say goodbye to messy suitcases and hello to an organized and stress-free travel experience with these fantastic packing cubes.

  41. Love these so much! I’m going to Europe for a month and was worried about how to fit everything in my checked bag. I got these and tested them out. Each pic has the same amount of items in it:3 pants, 3 shorts, 2 skirts, 1 legging10 shirts3 kimonos4 dresses6 spaghetti strap shirts4 pairs of shoesI folded the clothes without the bag smart both folded and rolled over. I’m sure I could have folded the clothes to fit more space but then I risk wrinkly items. As you can see packing with bagsmart has way more room leftover and it makes for easy unpacking/repacking. Def buying another set!

  42. I was skeptical at first when I purchases these, but after using them for the past three months, I wouldn’t pack a suitcase without them. They keep all my clothes organized and easy to identify in my suitcase. In addition, because these can be reduced in size, I now have even more room for shoes, etc. A great purchase!

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